9 Ideas for Using 3D Glasses at Your Holiday Parties

9 Ideas for Using 3D Glasses at Your Holiday Parties

While it’s true that “seeing is believing,” seeing in 3D can be unbelievable, and lots of fun! If you haven’t considered incorporating 3D into your next holiday party, it might be time to make a small change in plans. Check out these 9 ideas for using 3D glasses at parties to make for more fun and memorable gatherings.

1. Invitations that Won’t Go Unnoticed

A proper invitation can make the difference in how many show up to your party, and can really set the tone of your party’s theme. Consider using 3D graphics or text on your cards and including a pair of 3D glasses for your invitees.

2. Custom 3D Mystery Game

Many programs and companies offer 3D graphics and card printing, which can be used to enhance mystery parties and games. Clue-spotting games, like escape rooms and live-action “whodunit” games, are all the craze right now, and they can be enhanced by having 3D glasses available to help your participants to read or decipher clues.

3. 3D Comic Reading

Another fun way to use 3D glasses at parties is to have a stock of 3D comic books ready for those in your gathering. Children and teens love 3D glasses and comic books alike, and this may encourage a quieter period during the party that you can use to catch up on organizing the next activity.

4. Enjoy 3D Cakes and Snacks

Who could forget a party with a 3D cake? It’s easier than you may think to find a bakery that can place 3D graphics on top of a cake, which can be viewed in full 3D with any pair of classic red and blue 3D glasses.

5. 3D Birthday and Congratulations Cards

If you’re attending or hosting a party in celebration of someone’s birthday, why not prepare a 3D card or banner? Your guests or recipient will be impressed by your attention to detail, as well as have to a chance to enjoy a timeless experience by viewing objects in three dimensions.

6. Gift Bags with 3D Glasses

One easy way to incorporate 3D glasses into your party is to offer them as part of your gift bags. 3D glasses are very reasonably priced, especially when bought in bulk from a 3D glasses supplier and make a great addition to any gift or courtesy bag.

7. A Trip to the Movies

Most theaters are offering group and party discounts now, so you may find it surprisingly reasonable to rent out an entire theater for a viewing of a 3D movie. Some theaters provide loaner glasses, but why settle for that when you can order custom-designed ones to commemorate your party, which will also allow your guests to keep their pair long after the occasion.

8. Make Your Own 3D Art

One fun and wholesome activity you can do at any party is to make or view 3D artwork. Mainstream graphics software like Photoshop will allow you to create images in 3D that you can print at home or order prints from a professional printing shop. Consider having a station set up to allow guests to create their own 3D art, or simply print some of your best work to show off with an extra viewing dimension.

9. A New Twist on Slideshows

Slideshow gatherings were very popular in the 70s when the technology first became widespread among consumers, and with a 3D twist, you can enjoy them all over again. There’s no need to print slides or negatives today, with a simple projector, you can load your images digitally from a USB drive or simply transmit them from your phone to a large TV using screen mirroring apps. Make sure to download an app to convert your images into 3D first, and order a few dozen 3D glasses to really stun your guests while showing them your latest photoshoots or vacation pictures.

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