Morning Yoga Exercises

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Morning Yoga Exercises

Yoga exercises are good since they make the body flexible and suitable for health purposes. Besides making the body and mind relax, they also offer other benefits. There are so many morning yoga exercises to choose from. Sometimes people even do them unknowingly. For instance, taking a deep morning breath and stretching out the body is part of the yoga sessions. The following are some of the exercises to try out in the morning:

1. Forward Fold

It involves calves, stretches, strengthening of the legs and knees. It is a simple way to do it, especially in the morning. Start by standing up with the feet hip-width apart. Then gently hinge forward at the hips, followed by lowering the torso to the floor.

It would be best to bend the knees slowly and remove any pressure from the low back and hamstrings. Grasp the opposite elbows with opposite hands. Relax the neck, head, and shoulders. Now sway the torso and shake the head gently. Hold the breath for one minute, then roll back up and stand. This exercise will be easy for men like Jonathan Osler.

2. Downward-Facing Dog

Start on both hands and knees with the feet and knees hip-width apart. It would be best if the person spread their fingers wide. Press through the hands firmly and then straighten both legs. Walk the hands forward a few inches, then walk the feet back a few inches to make the pose long.

Squeeze the thighs and, at the same time, press them towards the back wall. Then press the heels back and down towards the floor. Relax the head and neck, and then let the shoulder blades down towards the feet. Squeeze in the stomach and breathe in deeply. Hold the breath for three minutes and then release and repeat the process.

3. Chair

Stand up with the big toes touching the ground. Breathe in and raise the hands straight up to the ceiling alongside the head and neck. The palms should face each other. Drop the shoulders down towards the back while stretching out the neck. Like Jonathan Osler, any man can try this, every morning.

He can breathe out, bend his knees and sit down with his feet together. Avoid letting the knees extend beyond the toes. Every time he breathes in, he stretches out his spine. Every time he breathed out, he should sit a little deeper in the chair.

Drop the tailbone down toward the floor to take any stress out of the lower back. Keep the core muscles engaged and the knees and thighs tightly pressed together. Hold your breath for thirty seconds.

4. Reclining Big Toe

He should start by lying on his back, whether on a mat or a mattress and then lift his legs upwards at a 90 degrees’ angle. His left leg should be facing upward and his right leg on the floor. He will let both his legs flex. Bend his left knee and bring the knee in toward his chest using his hands.

Embrace it tightly towards his body and relax his hip. Loop a strap around his left foot and slowly straighten the left leg 90 degrees. Tighten his right thigh firmly down the floor. Hold his breath and then do it again on the opposite side.

In Conclusion

Morning Yoga exercises are good for people’s health. Do the above simple practices, and enjoy the benefits that come along with it.

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