Adventurous Weekend Ideas for Couples

Camper on the road with a custom made mattress inside.

Getting to know your significant other should be an important life-long goal. Taking a weekend once in a while to spend significant time with the one you love will not only deepen the bonds you have with each other but can also be a fun experience for both. But why keep doing the same things you’ve done for years? These ideas have a touch of adventure to liven up any relationship.

Explore a Random Point on a Map

Adding in a little spontaneous fun can be an exciting way to infuse a little adventure into your lives and relationship. Try blindfolding each other, drawing dots on a map, and then visiting the cities closest to the dots you’ve drawn. 

To make it even more fun and economical, you may want to get a van with a custom-made mattress and live inside for the duration of your trip. This will allow you to adventure farther away from home and experience traveling together in a new way. 

Take a Trapeze Class Together 

If you are looking for something very exciting and out-of-the-ordinary, taking a trapeze class might be a good option for you. Trapeze not only helps you learn more about one another’s capabilities but also helps you build trust in one another. Besides, talking about your trapeze experience at parties makes for a great ice breaker.

Just Drive

For another spontaneous adventure, just get in the car and drive. Start a journey with only the start place in mind, and see where fate takes you. You may discover a lot of hidden treasures along the way. 

You can even make a game of it by playing rock, paper, scissors when you come to an intersection. Turn in the direction of the winner, or go straight if it is a tie. It’s good to set a time or mileage limit, so you know how far you’re willing to drive before stopping. 

Participate in a Marathon

If you’re both athletic or trying to be more athletic, then you could sign up for a marathon or 5K together. Not only will a goal like this help you push each other to work out  and stay fit, but it also gives you a common goal to work towards and then you can both share the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve successfully finished.

Surprise Trip

If you want to do something nice for your partner, then you can organize a surprise trip for you to take together. You can tell them the general items they will need to pack and how long you’ll be gone so they can make work arrangements, but don’t tell them where you’re going or what you’re going to do. This can help you show how much you care and how well you know them by planning a trip they will love. 


Find the highest overlook for your city or a nearby city and plan to visit. You can go during the day and take a picnic lunch to enjoy together or visit at night for a great view and some stargazing. This will take very little planning and can still help you and your significant other enjoy quality time. 

Plane Ticket

Look up the cheapest plane ticket you can find and plan a trip to that location. This will help you find destinations you may not have considered before while still keeping the trip under budget. 

Be Yourself

Feel free to be creative and step outside of your comfort zone, but you and your significant other will know how to best keep yourselves entertained. Remember to do what makes you and your partner happy!

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