Maintaining Your Career While Going Through a Tough Divorce

Climbing the corporate ladder or landing big deals can be immensely rewarding for an individual. There are people that love their jobs and get energy from doing what they enjoy. Even the most enthusiastic employees can have tough days and divorce can lead to quite a few of these. If you are going through a divorce it is important to manage your emotions in the office. A coworker you might not like could say something out of line after a fight with your soon to be ex. Diffuse the situation instead of reactive in a hostile manner no matter how much the coworker irks you. The following are tips to help you keep your career on track when going through a tough divorce.

Inform Management

Hiding your divorce from management is not wise in any capacity. This is going to be a stressful time so allowing managers to know this is important. You could see a drop in production during the height of the divorce only to recover a few weeks later. A manager will understand the drop although they will hold you accountable to get your numbers up to your pre-divorce level. Managers will differ in their responses as those that have gone through a tough divorce could give you quite a bit of leeway. Less understanding managers that are single might seem to come down on you during this period. 

Schedule Out Your Paid Time Off

Scheduling out your paid time off efficiently can allow you to attend divorce proceeding without missing out of chunks of projects. There are always chances to change court dates so you can avoid court when you have a big upcoming deadline. Remote working days could be a lifesaver in these circumstances if your company approves of this. Getting in a full day’s work and going to court allows you to fulfill all of your daily obligations. A Raleigh divorce attorney with experience will be able to accommodate most of your needs. The right attorney will also help reduce your stress levels due to their expertise.

Work on Compartmentalizing

Compartmentalizing during your divorce can be a challenge but is essential. A lot of people dive into their work as it offers them a distraction from their current problems. This can be immensely helpful in your career as working long hours due to nobody expecting you home can drive up productivity. In the instances of commission sales professionals, this can allow them to improve their financial situation in a huge way. The one aspect to keep in mind is avoiding burnout as you can encounter this after a few weeks with long hours.

Look into Jobs in Different Cities

You are no longer required to live in a specific city as your spouse likely had a job locally. If you do not have family in the area, look into job postings around the country. You could find a dream job that wouldn’t have been a possibility due to so many variables that marriage can create. Cities you have always wanted to live can be an option with some cities having industry hubs that can amp up your career quickly.

Maintaining your career during a divorce is going to be a challenge regardless of how contentious the proceedings are. List out different things you will do to ensure that your professional performance does not suffer and stick to them.

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