Americans and the Big Business of Supplements

Anywhere between 55% and 60% of consumers worldwide take vitamins and supplements daily. In the US specifically, all demographics are seeing a sizable intake, with all types of supplements rising in popularity. In fact, the market hit record growth in 2021 at a CAGR of 14.5%. These numbers are only expected to rise as several global health factors and the lasting effects of the pandemic rage on.

There is new scientific backing for vitamins that has fostered this increased confidence in their effectiveness. It has been found that vitamins may improve bodily functions, reduce injuries, and even slow brain shrinkage. Field experts are pioneering the development of commercial supplements, helping the industry to reach a predicted growth rate of 7.6% by 2031. 

The anticipated future of the supplement industry is promising, with new kinds of vitamins and pre-workout substances constantly entering the market. Not only are they entering, but they are having great success, garnering millions in revenue per year. Ingredients like beta-alanine and caffeine are the most common, appealing to users for their proven benefits that they possess for our bodies and minds. New companies bring new blends and new possibilities for consumers, fueling what is sure to be a revolution in the world of health and wellness worldwide.

The Big Business of Supplements

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