Are You Trying to Retain the Right Employees?

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Employee retainment

The goal of most managers is to retain as much of their staff as they can but one thing to consider is that they may not want to retain some of their employees as they could be bad for business. So how do they know which ones they should try & keep & which ones they should try to ensure are on their way out? Well, the good news is Jordan Sudberg just so happens to be an expert on this particular topic so he will provide some advice on how to root out the bad apples. Here is what he recommends. So, the first thing he advises is to go through all of the reports that each staff member has handed in & see which ones are the best. If they just happen to notice one of them is not up to par that might be a good sign it’s time to tell them to either shape up or get out. What this usually means is that they are getting complacent & as such are not putting in the best work that they can be. As such, it is imperative to let them know that if they’re not going to put in their best work, they should not be here at all. The next thing they should do is go to the hall & observe the staff as they interact with each other. Typically, lunch is the best time for this, but it can also be done at any other time during the workday. So, the key here is to see which staff members treat each other with respect & which do not. If they do find any staff who are not being courteous or tend to be disruptive to the workplace, this is a good indication that they are not the right people for this company. As such, they should probably be let go as soon as possible. One of the last pieces of advice he has is to check the search history & see if any of them have been doing any job searching on company time. If they do find someone like that, this means they are not happy here & are clearly not loyal to the company. As such, the best thing to do here is fire them & replace them with someone who has a demonstrated fidelity to the company as this is the kind of person most managers want working for them. Once they are sure that all of the people working there are loyal to the company, that is how they will know that all of the people they have on staff at the moment should be retained at all costs. The best way to do this is simply by keeping them happy & providing all kinds of incentives for them to stay at the company. So, this is how Jordan Sudberg recommends each manager tries to decide which staff members they should retain & which ones they should fire. In order for a company to run smoothly, they need qualified and dedicated employees.

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