5 Things Managed Service Providers Do That In-House Teams Don’t

Like many people, you may be looking to increase efficiency and productivity of your small business. One way to do this is by outsourcing tasks that you typically handle yourself to managed service providers. However, managed service providers like Alt-Tech can provide some unique benefits that in-house information technology departments don’t offer. Here are five things managed service providers do that in-house teams don’t: 

1.They stay up to date on the latest technologies

Managed service providers have no reason not to keep their employees up to speed on new technologies because doing so ensures they can provide top-notch services for their clients. When an MSP first starts out, it isn’t uncommon for them to partner with another managed service provider until they build up enough clients to maintain their own managed service team. Once they do so, managed service providers ensure that all employees stay up to date with the latest technologies because doing so helps them provide services for new and existing customers alike.

2. They offer proactive services

MSPs know that providing reactive support is a recipe for disaster: it can lead to more downtime than necessary and expensive problems if not managed correctly. This is why managed service providers offer comprehensive managed information technology services including proactive monitoring, security management, business continuity management among others which help keep your small business running smoothly every day of the year.

3. They scale as you grow

Many managed service providers specialize in helping businesses like yours take on additional managed services as you grow. For instance, managed service providers can ensure that you have enough IT resources to meet the needs of your business, manage your current infrastructure and prepare for unexpected growth spurts in order to help you avoid any downtime as much as possible. When managed service providers offer scaling managed services tailored towards small businesses, it ensures they can work with growing businesses like yours when you need them most without overcharging for their services or requiring you to hire additional in-house staff.

4. They can act as an extension of your team

While managed service providers are capable of offering outstanding services independently, working with an MSP allows you to provide even better services because they act as an extension of your own in-house team rather than a managed service team that is managed. This allows managed service providers to provide services as if they were internal services offered by your company; their employees can speak in terms you and your employees understand without having to learn industry lingo, and take into account the unique needs of your business like adding additional staff when necessary.

5. They’re dedicated, not distracted

By outsourcing tasks you typically handle to managed service providers, you can rest assured knowing an expert IT staff is working for you, not juggling multiple clients at once or caught up with other projects. When managed service providers are solely devoted to helping your business run smoothly rather than worrying about any outside distractions, they can help lower the total cost of ownership of your managed services because they’re less likely to miss deadlines, which in turn means you can avoid expensive penalties.

With managed service providers like Alt-Tech dedicated to providing managed services that support businesses just like yours, it’s never been easier for growing businesses to take advantage of the latest managed service offerings in order to ensure their business stays up and running throughout any unexpected issues.

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