Areas Of Health That You Need To Start To Discuss With Your Teen Now

Being a teenager is one of the strangest times in life as our bodies are going through changes with many people feeling unsure about themselves. Couple this with the fact that people expect teens to act like adults but get very little freedom in comparison to how they are expected to act. Talking to a teen can be tough as many want to be left alone especially by their parents. It is imperative as a mother that you talk to your teen though as they are listening regardless of how often they are rolling their eyes. The following are areas of health that you need to start discussing with your teen as soon as possible.

STDs And Sexual Health

The sex talk is never going to be comfortable for anyone but it is a necessity of life. Sexual education is a joke at most high schools throughout the country so it is important to teach your teen. STDs are a great way to show your teen what can happen from having risky or unprotected sex. This should not be to scare them but to show them the reality of having sex and the risks that are associated. Every set of parents is different so there is no one plan to talk to a teen that fits all.


Addiction is something that impacts people of all classes and demographics throughout the world. A teen is obviously going to hide their addiction as they will feel shame in it. Let your teen know that you will be understanding instead of losing your mind if they come to you with an addiction that they need help with. Addiction can lead to legal problems that can impact your teen’s life negatively for years to come. Finding the right attorney for a criminal case in Anchorage Alaska or your location is imperative. These attorneys can opt for rehab programs that will help get to the root of your teen’s addiction with many wiping their criminal record clean if they successfully complete the program.

Mental Health

Mental health is something that plenty of people struggle with but do not show any outward signs of being anxious, depressed, or having a poor self-image. A teen might not want to talk to their parents about this as the problems could be centered around you and their father. A professional will be able to help them talk things out and encourage them to open up to friends. Friends can be a perfect outlet as they might be feeling some of the same things as all teens have struggles mentally, it just differs on difficulty the teen has dealing with the struggle.


Nutrition is important as after the teenage years it can become far easier than many teens might think to pack on weight. You do not want them to be living an unhealthy lifestyle and the foods they eat will be centered around what they ate at home. Teaching your teen how to cook is the first step as many teens opt for fast food or takeout when they are on their own if unable to cook. This will not only help with their overall nutrition but also help them save money as eating out can add up quickly when done daily.

As you can see there are things that you need to talk to your teen about in all areas of life. Take the time to establish a plan to do this instead of trying to wing it which could result in disaster.

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