Attention Entrepreneurs: Remember These Areas When Starting Your First Business

Starting a business can be a stressful venture but there are options to start businesses online for very little startup capital. A freelance writer could team up with other writers to knock out large content projects for companies/agencies. There are companies that need product descriptions done daily that keep SEO in mind. Online selling can be a business in itself if you already have digital marketing skills. Keeping details in mind that only those that have run a business before can attest to can be tough. Educate yourself online on the different things you need to know about running a business so no surprises arise. The following are areas to remember when starting your first business. 


Accounting is not always simple especially with accounts payable and receivable. Tax time is when a small business needs help with accounting in a huge way. A founder will be better off taking on daily tasks than dealing with the whirlwind that taxes can be. The last thing any business wants is to spend extra money in taxes due to having an amateur try to handle it. A Raleigh CPA could help find those small business tax breaks that are important to understand. The investment in the tax professional will be worth it and it will provide peace of mind. 

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is going to drive nearly any business in today‚Äôs world. Local businesses even need online marketing as they can announce specials on social media or via an email blast. Digital marketing can be a full-time job in itself although there are talented freelancers available that you can find. Enlisting the help of a freelancer with previous marketing agency experience can give you an agency experience at a fraction of the price. Having the website and marketing handled by a single company that delivers great ROI is best-case. Freelancers can handle this but this means you have to assemble a team of reliable and affordable freelancers. 

Administrative Assistants 

Virtual assistants can allow each employee to get more out of themselves daily. These assistants can help with things like setting reminders, meetings, and even doing things like data entry. Virtual assistants for higher-level employees can also be important especially if they frequently have meetings or phone calls. Hiring these people locally is possible although there is no need for additional office space if they work remotely. Local hires can come in from time to time if there is a project that needs to be worked on in person. With all of the video conferencing technology available, there is not anything that cannot be managed remotely. 

Starting a business and the delegation of departments/areas is essential. You want to make sure that you know how each department is producing but not the everyday ongoings. Micromanaging is no way to allow employees to thrive and can drive up employee turnover.

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