Can I Apply Glue on Nails at Home?

Many hours have been spent seated at the counter of a nail tech having acrylic or gel nails applied to our fingers.  While salon nails are certainly gorgeous and enduring, the upkeep can keep you in that seat for countless hours week after week for repeated maintenance, fills, polish changes, and the like.  Additionally, the cost of salon nails is pretty high and can be higher if your nails grow faster and you require fillings more frequently than normal.  As such, many of us have opted for at home glue on nails.  If those words bring terror to you mind as you recall experiences with glue on nails as a teenager, don’t worry; there have been some seriously amazing advances in glue on nail technology in the past decade.  You can definitely apply glue on nails at home and get the same salon quality look you want for a fraction of the cost and time.  Here’s how.  

What is Available for Glue on Nails at Home?

Long ago, your only option for at home glue on nails were some famous brand “press-ons.”  Your mom loved them, even though they basically lasted about half a day before popping off, were made from paper thin plastic, and were only available in limited colors.  Today, there are some great options available.  

  • Acrylic look.  You won’t have to search far for the acrylic style salon nails you crave.  Glue on nails are crafted from materials that look and feel just like salon acrylics.  They are incredibly durable and long lasting, so you don’t have to worry about breakage.  
  • Shapes.  Your nail tech isn’t the only one who can shape a great nail.  Glue on nails come in practically every shape you could want; from coffin and oval, to edgier stiletto and basic round, there’s a shape for every mood, outfit, and event.  
  • Colors.  You won’t be hard pressed to find the colors and effects you love in a glue on nail.  Glue on nails are available in most all standard colors, as well as classic French, glitter, and chrome colors that really make a statement.  There’s no limit to the combinations you can create when you mix and match.  

How Can I Apply Glue On Nails at Home?

Applying glue on nails at home couldn’t be easier.  You can get the job done in less than fifteen minutes, in just five easy steps.  

  • Clean.  Make sure you start with clean, scrubbed nails.  It’s also a good idea to swab your natural nails with an acetone polish remover to make sure all oils and debris are removed.
  • Measure.  Next, measure the pre-sized nails and pick the ones that will fit your natural nail perfectly.  The glue on nails shouldn’t cover any portions of your finger and should fit securely on your natural nail. 
  • File.  Using a nail file, gently file the top of your natural nail to create a rough surface to which you will adhere the glue on nail.
  • Apply glue.  Using the included glue tube, apply a small dot of glue on the glue on nail, and a small dot of glue on your natural nail.
  • Press.  Firmly press the glue on nail onto your natural nail and hold it in place for thirty to sixty seconds.  

That’s it.  Your nails should be firmly in place.  You can test the strength of the bond by gently pulling back on the tips to make sure they don’t budge.  If they do, you may need to reapply using a bit more adhesive.  

Applying glue on nails at home couldn’t be easier.  You can save yourself a lot of time and money by simply making the switch to at-home manicures with glue on nails.  You’ll get the same salon quality look without the investment and hassle.  

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