When to Start Using Anti Aging Moisturizer

Society is quick to assume that the aging process only becomes visible in our 40s and above. The signs of aging can happen much earlier, within the age ranges of the 20s and 30s in many people, depending on their habits and lifestyles. It can also be prepared for in advance with anti-aging taking place sooner rather than later. 

How do we know when to start using anti-aging moisturizer creams for treatment? The best way to figure that out is by identifying what these creams can offer and the benefits of starting early. 

Anti-Aging Skincare in Your Daily Routine 

Let’s jump right into the big question, when is the ideal time to incorporate anti-aging moisturizing into your daily skin-care routine? To put it plain and simple, the sooner you begin incorporating anti-aging products into your daily routine, even as early as your 20s, the less damage will be done later on.  

You don’t have to hold off until you hit your 30s. But if they are already there age-wise, jump right into your skincare moisturizer regimen. Even if you aren’t able to notice any “age spots,” take preventative measures by using anti-aging products to gain the long-term benefits.

Research shows that two crucial steps people in their 20s and early 30s can take to maintain skincare and gain the most from the process is to not be a smoker and wear broad-spectrum sunscreen regularly. Sunscreen lotion should protect against both UVA and UVB rays with an SPF 30 or higher.

Smoking causes all kinds of difficulties with your skin because it interferes with the body’s ability to create collagen. Being a smoker also leads to premature wrinkling. Now if you couple a serious cigarette habit with a ton of sun exposure, all of a sudden you are approximately 10 times more likely to develop wrinkles than the exact same people your same own age who don’t engage in those activities. 

Signs You Need Anti-Aging Moisturizer for Your Skin 

As soon as you make the decision to get onboard and begin using anti-aging products, the next step is to figure out which ones are best for your particular skin type.

Skin types range from extremely sensitive and dry, to incredibly oily. Before picking the right skincare product for your skin, it’s vital to examine the product’s ingredients to prevent a bad skin reaction. 

  • Increased redness due to blood vessel dilation 
  • Reduced skin elasticity
  • Loss of skin firmness
  • Increased fragility to trauma, creating bruises and rashes
  • Formation of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased translucency, which shows more veins
  • Increased skin dryness

The breakdown of cellular and extracellular components, or a reduction in the rate of major metabolic processes requires more stimulation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in the dermal layer of the skin. 

Anti-aging moisturizing offers relief for inflammation, over-stimulation of pigment, and over-production of enzymes that destroy the compounds that create healthy skin.  

The regular use of a good anti-aging moisturizer can provide very helpful effects on the visual signs of aging. Protect your skin from UV rays and other environmental and metabolic oxidizing conditions to maintain a youthful appearance.

Some positive benefits of treating the effects of aging include:

  • Personal social confidence increases and anxieties about having an older appearance than your actual age disappear. 
  • Unfortunately, people often receive better treatment when they are considered more attractive or younger-looking. This could include getting jobs and more opportunities to date and network with others. 
  • Your youthful appearance can increase your desire to be more physically active, exercise and travel more, and build strong bonds and relationships. 

Gain all the physical, mental, psychological, and health benefits that can be obtained from starting to use anti-aging moisturizers as early on in life as you possibly can. 

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