Cold therapy is Becoming Popular in the Chiropractor World

Cold therapy is Becoming Popular in the Chiropractor World

A popular alternative therapy used by many chiropractors is called cold laser therapy. It is often referred to as Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT). This is because during the procedure it provides low-intensity laser light.


Lasers were discovered to have the potential to treat wounds and reduce pain in the 1960s. In 1967, Andre Ester from the University of Budapest in Hungary used a laser to help hair that had been shaved off of the backs of mice grow back faster. Ester also noticed wounds on mice would heal much faster when laser light was placed on them. There was a research study performed in 2002 that was approved by the FDA. It involved using cold laser therapy treatment on people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. The patients were workers from General Motors. The procedure using cold laser therapy was successful in treating the worker’s conditions.


The lasers are set to a temperature low enough to heal damaged tissue. Light levels utilized during this procedure are not hot enough to burn skin or cause pain. The FDA has given the devices used during cold therapy a classification of non-heating instruments (NHI). The body’s healing process speeds up when the light interacts with human tissue. It is effective in treating several different types of chronic conditions. Cold therapy treatment can help decrease muscle spasms, pain, inflammation as well as assist with people regaining their functionality.


Low-level lasers have been used for pain relief for more than 50 years. During the procedure, a small device known as a visible non-thermal laser will emit a laser beam at a focused area on a person’s body. Low levels of light will then penetrate the person’s tissue. The laser can be used for up to several minutes. The time a device will be used is going to depend on the medical need of the patient and the size of the area that needs to be treated. The non-thermal photons used are designed to penetrate up to five centimeters below the three layers of a person’s skin. There are reasons it is successful.

*Promotes quick clot formation and wound healing

*Increases the quality, tensile strength, of tissue repair

*Generates healthy new tissue and cells

*Increases a body’s blood supply

*Stimulates nerve function

*Stimulates the body’s immune system

Conditions Treated

The FDA has approved the use of low-level laser treatments for a variety of conditions. There are some common conditions it is used to treat.

*Joint pain

*Wound Therapy

*Ligament Sprain

*Muscle spasms and strains



*Knee pain


*Lower back pain

*Carpal tunnel syndrome

*Tennis elbow


Cold therapy is a safe and non-invasive way to treat many different health conditions. This type of treatment is drug-free. A person will not have to worry about experiencing any type of side effects like when taking medication. It has been proven to provide exceptional healing opportunities when compared to drug treatments or conventional methods.

Natural Healing

A cold therapy laser is designed to simulate all types of cells. This includes cartilage, muscles, nerves, and ligaments. The laser’s light is absorbed by a person’s body and interacts with the light-sensitive elements of the cells within the body. This will result in helping the body with natural healing.

Cold laser therapy is quickly becoming a very popular option for pain reduction, pain relief, and more. This is attractive to individuals who want a treatment that does not involve drugs or surgery. It can be used alone or with a combination of other types of therapy. It is considered to be a safe and effective method for helping people who want to avoid invasive treatments. IF you are interested in learning more about cold laser therapy contact Virginia Laser Therapy Clinic.

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