How to Screen Employees for Symptoms as They Report to Work

How to Screen Employees for Symptoms as They Report to Work

Businesses know that they need to stay open even when dealing with a global pandemic. However, it’s also their responsibility to ensure that they keep the safety of their customers and employees in mind. To do this, businesses need to screen their employees for any symptoms of COVID-19 or any other disease before starting work.

To screen employees properly, businesses should look at their competitors to see how they have gotten it done. Check out some of these ways businesses have been successful at screening their employees for any symptoms.


First, you’ll want to survey your employees before they even show up at your workplace. This can be done through software that automatically sends out surveys at some point before they have to show up to work. The survey should ask questions like if they have traveled recently, come in contact with someone who has a disease, if they have any symptoms currently, and more.

Once you’ve had employees complete their survey for the day, you can have a system that alerts you if an employee has failed certain questions on that survey. You can then contact the employee to ask more about how they are feeling and if they should be showing up to work that day. After that, you should be able to decide if that employee can work that day. By surveying your employees this way, you’ll be getting some of the hassle of the screening process out of your way.


With some diseases like COVID-19, having a fever is a sign that someone has contracted a disease. Fortunately, businesses can easily check the temperatures of their employees through remote scanners.

With remote scanners, all you have to do is place the scanner just a few inches away from someone’s face. The scanner will then work to give you the current temperature of that person. In just a couple of seconds, you’ll then be able to gauge if someone is ready to work or not. Strongly consider picking up a temperature scanner for your business if you want your employees and patrons to be safe from dangerous diseases.

Rapid Testing

Depending on the size and type of your business, you might have the resources to keep rapid tests on. Rapid tests allow you to test an employee for a specific disease, giving you the results you need in just a couple of minutes. With this approach, you’ll be fully assured that you know if someone has a disease or not.

However, you do have to be a bit careful when relying on rapid tests. Due to the nature of the tests, it can be quite common for employees to receive a false positive whenever taking a test. If you’re unsure about the results yourself, think about having your employee take two rapid tests to confirm if they got a false positive or not. While this method isn’t completely perfect, rapid testing is one of the best ways you can screen your employees for any diseases they might currently have.

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