Common Mistakes of Businesses with Poor Cybersecurity

Technology is racing ahead at an alarming speed, which essentially leaves the way for businesses of all sizes to be more exposed if they are lacking in less advanced IT systems. So, why do small businesses still not realize that they are one the easiest targets there is? 

The constant increase in cyber attacks does not miss small and medium-sized businesses, but these businesses today face many challenges in worrying about business activity, and it is no wonder that in many cases the issue of protection against cyber attacks is a low priority. 

With poor IT systems, it could leave you exposed to a plethora of problematic issues, such as a breach of data, stolen data, hacked systems, financial issues and of course cyber threats.

There is a huge complexity behind IT systems that must be managed by a professional team. Without the assistance of managed IT systems, the business is at a higher risk of invasion. 

The common mistakes of businesses may vary but the bottom line is that many businesses are committing detrimental mistakes.

They do not believe they are big enough to be a threat 

Some SMEs believe that their business is not a big enough target to be attached and therefore overlook the possibility of a cyber attack. They may not invest in quality cybersecurity and this is a fatal mistake to make. 

SMEs often still house a mass of personal data (from customers/clients) and even bank details, which is what makes them a threat. They are often easier to hack because they haven’t invested in the necessary protection.

They don’t realize their programs could be an issue

Programs and software that isn’t adequately stored or protected, can leave businesses vulnerable. It is believed that over the past year, applications for virtual meetings in video also increase the risk of hostile elements entering the organization’s systems. 

Active protection from ransom information security must be built to ensure that the business isn’t falling victim to hackers into new systems. 

They don’t back up their data

If data is not backed up and stored safely, usually in the Cloud, then they are leaving themselves vulnerable once again. In the instance of a cyber attack, data could be lost and stolen. If this isn’t backed up, it could result in hefty fines and even lawsuits.

They don’t protect passwords

Without password protection, it may be easier for cyber attackers to tap into systems. During the pandemic, more workers are operating from home, which complicates the situation. 

It is important not to download software to the work computer and not to allow external parties to remotely connect to your computer without the explicit approval of the system staff in the organization. Still, SMEs do this which is a huge mistake. 

They don’t use a VPN

Some companies do not install a VPN which can be a poor choice to make. It is important to have a secured connection. 

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