Demand and Studies on CBD for Pets

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Cannabis and its by-products have become ‘THE’ topic of the 20th century, not only in the U.S but worldwide.  It has become a smoking hot topic in the U.S. and some of the states have even loosened earlier rigorous regulations regarding the possession and use of medicinal or recreational marijuana.

In various studies, and time and time again it has been reported that Cannabidiol (CBD) – the composite found in hemp plant oil, is supposed to offer numerous health benefits such as nausea or to control anxiety, and pain-relief, inflammation reduction, and even cancer prevention – and is now even more popular than it has ever been.

Why the Demand?

The thing that makes it unique is that these health benefits are not just limited to human consumption but also extends to our pets and other animals such as horses. One such study done by a market research institution found that the use of CBD in pet treats and supplements is on the increase and this has been encouraged by concerned owners seeking to relieve stress and anxiety in their canine and feline companions. You can read this white paper on their online source here.

The market itself is fired-up by both interest for more natural supplements in general, and thus the spotlight is on the therapeutic and medicinal properties of CBD in all facets such as health, food, nutrition and now the pet market where it has found its way to pet treats, drops, and supplements in various forms.

So, it is no wonder that CBD products are of particular interest to a particular group of people. The urban pet owners who are looking for a holistic approach to supplementing their dogs or cats because dwelling in small spaces with frequent noise and pollution and amongst this hustle and bustle of the city center, comes with its fair share of disadvantages, one of which is their pets’ behavior sees the worse symptoms of everyone. All this craziness tends to trigger anxiety and nerves in pets and their chew toys are not enough.

Are Pet Food and Supplements Studies Conclusive?

When looking at the combination of pet food and CBD, reports based on consumer studies in 2019 reflected that 39% of dog owners and 34% of cat owners seem to prefer the idea of supplementing their pets with CBD. Another 29% stated that the interest was there and that they would buy it if it were made completely legal. 

Again, another study was conducted but this time focusing on pet treats and toys, and this study revealed that 8% of cat owners and 11% of dog owners have either used it before, or are already in the process of giving their pets, CBD, or hemp treats. You can find this study here

But it did not stop there, because another advertising agency in Florida, USA, reported that their studies results were slightly higher, and out of the 784 people that they surveyed, 17% of them were currently using CBD products on their pets while 42% said they would consider using them in the future if made legal. The rest either did not use them, did not know about them, or were unsure.

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The Pet Industry Responded

It is no wonder the pet industry has responded to all this interest and the manufacturing and production of hemp-derived (CBD) products started to take hold of the market from July 2019. In the U.S. alone there were just over 200 pet products on the shelves and as a result, and another survey, out of roughly 34 million times that these pet products were used, there have been only six adverse events reported in dogs, and one in a cat.

This may have been due to the type of product or the dosage given to the animals, there are no specifics. It is important that when introducing something as new and still in research as CBD oil and its products, that you find the one that is of a high quality and top-rated. Some brands such as holistapet #1 pet brand have been known to use only organic and natural ingredients in their pet foods, and their products are also research-based. 

Unfortunately, you also get other brands that use un-natural fillers in the pet foods and impure CBD Oil, due to various forms of improper extraction methods and chemicals that are added to the processes that cause more than good to your pet. As much as it makes you feel good to both feed your pet a tasty treat and giving them the benefits of an all-natural product, be aware of what is out there, ask the right questions, and read the labels, before you do. 

Rule of Thumb

One of the first things to keep in mind when jumping on this bandwagon is, if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t give it to your pet either. 

As mentioned above you get some good and other bad products too. The best thing you can do for you and your pet is to give it CBD Oil (for instance), that is 100% pure and also has a very low level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the chemical component that is responsible for the euphoria effects caused using marijuana.  You do not want to get your dog high as this can make them more paranoid. It is impossible to extract both separately and sometimes it is inevitable to find traces of it, but do make sure you chose the product that has the absolute lowest amount in it. 

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