Energize Your Business With the Perfect Press Release

The printing press was first invented in 1440 and the press release was first invented in 1906. Since then, not a whole lot has changed! A press release is a piece of information that is thought to be an essential part of public relations. A press release is meant to inform the media, educate customers, and elevate your company along the way.

While press releases can be dry and hard to read, they can also become a valuable marketing tool for building a solid foundation of press, hype, and support for your brand. Let’s take some time to develop a few winning strategies for publishing the perfect press release.

1 – It Starts With a Headline

Take a look at this press release and think about what you are looking at. The best press releases will start with an idea and an informative headline. Headlines need to be as informative as they are catchy because the odds are good that most people won’t read beyond the lede.

The ideal headline has plenty of moving parts, as is evidenced by this headline tutorial, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Focus on specific details while incorporating numbers and keeping your headline short. Quick and consumable, those traits are the keys to success in today’s digitally-driven business world.

2 – Appeal to Authority With Quotes

There are few better ways to reinforce your message than by quoting an experienced professional. No matter what information you are trying to get out to the public regarding your business, consider incorporating quotes from qualified professionals or those involved with the news.

Quotes are easy to add to your text and great for building the ‘human element’ of your press release. Additionally, these quotes will help to build your brand on the search database as you have more keywords to hang onto.

As quotes are typically hard to incorporate for individuals on the first pass, consider brushing up on quotation style guides to inform your efforts.

3 – Incorporate Your Business Contact Information

A press release isn’t just meant to get the message out about your company, it is also meant to bring more attention to your business. Make sure to anchor your press release with key contact information for your brand, including linking to an email or phone as a point of contact. Adding your professional website to the bottom of your press release can also help to push for more clicks.

Remember, the goal of your press release is to provide the public with important information regarding your business. Without access to contact information and links to your products or services, you are wasting one of the most valuable aspects of a press release.

4 – Maintain Frequent Updates

Finally, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs need to get in the habit of maintaining frequent updates through press releases. That isn’t to say that they should overwhelm the public, but important news regarding your business or brand should always make its way to the public through a press release.

There are many different ways to approach writing a press release. Use our guidance as well as your own industry experience to inform where your business goes next. The future is up to you!

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