Visiting the capital in 2021: Tips and Tricks

It would be fair to say that one of the biggest buzzwords in the travel industry right now is “staycation”.

Sure, over the years it has been making a steady rise, but the effects of recent times means that it has taken one, giant leap.

It means that various cities dotted around the UK are set to see a future surge in popularity. Cardiff falls into one such category, with the city boasting a bit of everything – the perfect ingredients for the typical staycation.

Bearing this in mind, if you are contemplating a trip to the Welsh capital, we have put together the following tips and tricks to make your visit a little more fruitful in 2021.

Double, and triple-check, your itinerary

Unfortunately, this can be said for pretty much every destination in the UK at the moment.

Firstly, it’s worth making sure that you are reading the correct set of rules. Particularly for foreign tourists, this can be eyebrow-raising, but as the UK is split into several countries, there are several sets of regulations. Wales has its own set – and these have typically been much different to the rest of the UK.

Another issue is making sure that your personal itinerary can still exist. As we all know, Cardiff has a wealth of attractions that many people want to visit. Many of these will have been impacted in varying ways through the course of the past year though, and you need to ensure that the opening times (and this even relates to if the attraction in question is permanently open) are still the same.

Even if the regulations are somewhat different to what you expected, you could still consider Cardiff self storage and opt for a shorter trip to still make the most of the city.

Make the most of the countryside

It might have all of the attributes of a classic capital city, but don’t forget the rural side of Cardiff as well.

As we mentioned in the first point, the current times make it difficult to make any sort of concrete plans. However, when it comes to spending time outdoors, the rules are somewhat more relaxed and Cardiff has plenty of opportunities to help you explore.

For example, why not take a stroll around Cardiff Castle? Or what about Bute Park? Roath Park is another and in truth, the list could go on.

In normal times, many people would ignore the countryside, but one positive over the last few months is that Cardiff is finally starting to get the attention and plaudits it deserves away from its big city vibes.

On the topic of walking…

As the previous point about the countryside suggested, walking could be high on your agenda in a modern-day visit to Cardiff.

This is something that should not be downplayed, even if you aren’t planning to jump straight into the country. Even if you are going to stay fairly urban, make the most of walking to get between places. A lot of tourists fall into the trap of using public transport for each and every trip they make, missing some real gems that the Cardiff city area provides.

As such, make the most of the current times, so to speak, and try and navigate your own way around the city without the assistance of public transport. You’ll stumble across all sorts of finds that you wouldn’t normally discover.

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