Exploring the Notion of ‘Mothers Knows Best’, “Escaping the Dashia” by Rebecca Inch-Partridge

The phrase “Mother knows best” has been passed down from generation to generation. It suggests that a mother’s intuition and experience are superior to anyone else’s, including doctors, teachers, or even fathers. However, the question remains whether this idea is still relevant today. While it is true that a mother’s love for her child is unconditional, and her instincts can be invaluable when making decisions about their health and wellbeing, it is essential to consider that not all mothers are created equal.

This is one of the significant struggles that are present in Rebecca Inch-Partridge’s book Escaping the Dashia, where our protagonist Twyla, has a conflict with her biological mother, Madam Cassiopeia DeConnett, for she is a Dashia, part of a genetically engineered race who were bred so that they could use their powers to use, abuse and control others. 

Just like everyone else, even our mothers are humans, and they can commit mistakes from time to time. They’re imperfect and can make decisions and choices that we disagree with. Some mothers’ behavior doesn’t even coincide with the expectation of how mothers should be. At the same time, some don’t even acknowledge their roles of being mothers. In conclusion, while there is no denying the importance of a mother’s love and guidance in a child’s life, we must also recognize the limitations of this phrase. It is not all the time that “Mothers knows best.”

Escaping the Dashia

Escaping the Dashia is all about the story of Twyla, who is a 15-year-old telepath. Twyla has been hiding on Earth for years, trying to forget her past. Twyla, being a DeConnett, means that she is a member of the Dashia, a race of genetically altered telepaths that uses its powers to influence some individuals and eliminate others. Twyla’s mother, Madam Cassiopeia DeConnett, finds her location despite years of hiding from her race and kidnaps Twyla back to the Paraxous Star Cluster. Since it seems that there’s no way out, Twyla considers killing herself just to get out of her mother’s imprisonment. Only then did she make a friend who is Dovain, another prisoner, and their friendship turned into something more. Can they together come up with a plan to free themselves? Will she have enough confidence in herself to risk falling in love? Will ‘love’ ultimately be her savior or her downfall?

Overall, there’s still more to unravel on “Escaping the Dashia,” a captivating sci-fi/fantasy novel that leaves readers hungry for more. With its meticulous world-building and vibrant setting, the book transports readers to a realm filled with wonder and danger. The intricately crafted characters add depth and relatability to the narrative, making it easy for readers to become emotionally invested in their journey. Whether you’re a fan of the genre or simply seeking an engaging read, “Escaping the Dashia” is sure to satisfy your craving for immersive storytelling and leave you eagerly anticipating what lies ahead in this promising series.

You can check out Escaping the Dashia on Amazon, which released this March to rave reviews!

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