Finding Good Exercising Routines and Pre-Workout Supplements For Women

I think that the biggest problem newcomers face when they start going to the gym is mostly related to two things: finding the right exercising routines and performing them properly.

The results of their workouts will mostly depend on these two factors, but of course, can be affected by other things such as how intense their training is, how well-balanced their diet is, and whether they are letting their muscle rest.

Finding good routines for women can be a little difficult because most exercises and regimes out there are mostly aiming for a single goal: losing weight. On some rare occasions, you might also find regimes to tone up muscles. 

Although that is enough to satisfy most women, others want to experience the whole adventure of working out, so they will need more intense training routines that focus on different muscles of the body each day.

Also, women do work different to man, since they get more benefits from sets with more repetitions. Normally, they will use less weight because their body composition is different, but they can overcome that drawback by having better muscle healing and endurance thanks to their high levels of estrogen in comparison to men. Men, on the other hand, count on testosterone, which focuses on improving muscle growth among some male characteristics. 

With that said, let’s dig into it.

Creating a Training Plan

 Now, the thing about creating a training plan is that you need to cover certain basics for it to be efficient. You see, whenever you train, you become stronger by putting tension in your muscles. This tension stretches the muscle tissue, thus, damaging them in the process. Well, sort of, since its a rather acceptable damage.

Also, sometimes your muscles get swollen and you might experience something we know as muscle pump and vascularity. These two things are good hints showcasing something we know as muscle hypertrophy, and this is also a form of muscle damage.

The reason I cover these things is because, through damaging your muscles, the recovery process our body goes through as we rest at night, make sure that this damage is healed, and along the process, your muscles become stronger.

The main objective you should go try to fulfill with your training plan is to create this damage without overdoing it. That’s why people often achieve their weekly goals. This regime over here is a good example of this:

So, I recommend you to go for this formula as well. Although the order you go for doesn’t matter, and you might make changes depending on the week, having an order for each day will help you remain consistent and do the right exercises without forgetting your routine.

With that said, try to go for chest and arms on Mondays, shoulders, and back on Tuesday, some good cardio on Wednesday, strength training on Thursday, and to finish the week, leg training on Friday.

With this formula, you can create your own training routine by looking for exercises on the net. I could provide the exercises myself, but the idea of creating your training routine is experimenting which type of exercises fits your needs the most and aligns to your likings.-

You can follow the guide provided before for more detailed information in case you are interested, but if you want to create your own routine, try to aim for 5 to 7 types of exercises to train a specific type of muscle. If you are training two muscles the same day, try to go 4/4, or 4/5.

Diet, Supplements, and Rest

Have you heard the saying claiming that we are what we eat? Well, that is certainly the case when it comes to working out. Our body often requires energy to work properly, and the amount of energy we spend during the day is pretty much equivalent to the physical effort we go through.

That’s why, for training and working out, you’ll need to make sure you are eating enough food. But not any food is ok. You have to consume the right type of food. 

Proteins, for example, are really good for muscle growth, whereas carbs might give you the energy to focus on more exercises, which might be better for weight loss. Some things that are always good, though, are vitamins, macronutrients, and supplements. This women’s guide for workout supplements might have the information you need to understand the benefits of supplements in more detail, but I can tell you this:

Supplements are like cheerleaders for training. They provide you with a boost that improves your performance and leads to better results.

The good thing about them is that you can find specific types of supplements for different goals, so if you are aiming to get bulky or fit, you shouldn’t have any problems finding the right supplement. And that, along with a nice diet, and a good rest for guaranteed muscle recovery, is one of the crucial keys of excellent workout routines. 

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