Tenets of Non Duality That Can Enrich Your Life

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When you hear the word non duality, you might ponder, ”what is non duality?” Well, it is a conversion of the Sanskrit word Advaita, which means not two, and points to the necessary oneness.

It is the completeness, wholeness, unity of life, a wholeness that remains here and now. It is before any clear separation. Non duality is a word that points to familiarity, a love beyond words, at the heart of current moment experience. This is a word that points you back Home.

Despite the convincing appearance of separation and variety, there is only a single universal essence, a single reality. As a whole, there is only oneness, and you all are included in it.

A Continuous Process 

Non duality is the reality that your conscious experience is one constant procedure having the rest of the known universe. There is mindfulness of a specific subset of phenomena in the present flow, and it is something that makes up the subjective experience of a person.

To make it simple, non duality helps you see that the way you generally perceive the world is not how it emerges naturally. The point is you imagine the world to be separated into different objects, people, or even actions. But, material reality never comes diced into different pieces. It is nothing but a human invention.

You Can Experience Non duality 

If you want to experience non duality, it would mean cultivating or creating a state of non dual awareness.

The interesting thing is that these are peaceful and open, free of verdicts, and full of possibilities. You can experience this non duality and that too at any time, but you should know how it works and how it can enrich your life.

Do Meditation for Non duality

Meditation is an easy way of experiencing non duality. The procedure includes keeping your attention on a meditation object. It is usually the breath. Once you do it, you must relegate the other contents of consciousness to peripheral consciousness.  

It may sound simple to you, but it is not easy. It does not take you long to discover that your mind is a thought-producing machine, and it is running off its harmony. Once you meditate and concentrate, you would soon realize that there is no agent behind the thoughts you have in mind or anything.  

You may get the experience of non duality naturally via meditation practice. However, different types of meditation could be more likely to bring them about. 

For example, if you do meditation that is focused explicitly on evaluating your sense of yourself, it might more readily collapse the subject or object difference and hence head to non dual awareness.  

Non duality Helps You to Stop Seeking

You can see that everyone is looking for something. It is seeking that takes different forms, but it is all the same seeking. Maybe, it appears that everyone is looking for diverse things, but actually, what you are looking for, deep down, is all the same.

The point is, everyone, including you, is in the pursuit of the same oneness, wholeness, and completeness. What you fail to realize is that wholeness is already here, and you need to embrace it. Once you know that you have everything you seek, you would not seek any more.

When you truly understand what is non duality, you start living your life. You do not pass days in the hope of attaining things in the future; instead, you feel the presence of wholeness in your present moment.

Life is already how it is, and you need to embrace it. Once you experience non duality, you would realize this fact of life, and you would no longer be seeking all the time for things that you feel are not there in your life.

Peace of Mind

Your life would become peaceful once you experience non duality. Once you have the self-realization that you have everything you need and seek nothing, you would feel content. But if you are always after happiness, success, and luxuries, you might ignore the presence of everything that is within you.

Once you have enlightened yourself, you would no longer see yourself as a teacher, doctor, or a professional or anyone you are; but you would see yourself as a being at the moment. After you get that sense of completeness, you get peace of mind. Non duality speaks about the oneness of everything and hence, no divisions in the world regarding people, things, or events.

Hence, ask yourself what is non duality to you, and if you are practicing it? Once you learn from the tenets of non duality, they can enrich your life and take you towards contentment and completeness.

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