Free Market Capitalism

 Free Market Capitalism

The idea of capitalism has existed ever since the beginning of human society. The established theory is that capitalism thrives by increasing efficiency and providing people with the abundant resources they need to live their lives better than those in a state of lack.

Capitalism can be classified as a “pain management specialist” for corporations, leading to an increase in profits and a decrease in wages for many employees. Jordan Sudberg discusses how this idea can lead to adverse outcomes for Americans when applied consistently throughout an entire country.

When capitalism is described as a pain management system, it is often mentioned that a country’s economy is highly dependent on its citizens’ ability to manage their pain. Capitalism has been proven to be the most effective means of combating all types of pain and, therefore, should be used to treat pain for all individuals.

Sudberg says the best treatment method is first to treat the cause of discomfort and then treat the pain. “If a lack of resources causes pain, then increasing those resources will eliminate it.” Capitalism is not only proven effective at treating pain caused by the lack but has also been proven repeatedly in many different countries and cultures to be an integral part of their economies. In turn, their economies thrive, working for the benefit and prosperity of all people within their respective countries.

Sudberg says that the amount of pain out there affects the number of people it affects. The addiction to the idea that capitalism can eliminate all types of discomfort is more potent than the addiction to pharmaceutical painkillers. If a person is not addicted to any treatment, then an option must be presented for them to choose.

Sudberg wants people to understand that capitalism has been proven time and time again as a tool to help reduce and eliminate pain, but only if used consistently against all types of pain by all kinds of people. He says a prosperous capitalist country depends on an economically active population. If a person is financially active, they will be in optimum condition to battle the pain that capitalism is fighting against. He also argues that because people struggle to survive in the most basic ways, they are less likely to focus on working towards a positive outcome for themselves or their community. In some instances, it can be worse for an individual not to have any basic needs met than for them not to have access to resources or opportunities.

Jordan Sudberg argues that if capitalism is used against pain, it can be the most helpful way to fight pain. He explains how the “pain management system” of capitalism can work against pain by evaluating and treating the cause of all types of pain, not just those caused by lack or lack of resources. Sudberg says that this form of capitalism can be applied to every person in every country and will ultimately result in a prosperous society with a reduced prevalence of all types of pain.

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