What Professional Women Should Know About the Onset of Memory Loss

By the time many professional women are in their mid to late thirties, they have typically worked their way up the corporate ladder to a position in mid-level management. This is also a time when many are finding that their aging parents are struggling with cognitive functions due to age. Many have found assisted living facilities for their parents simply because of the safety factor. With their memory starting to betray them, it is independent and assisted living residences are the best places for them to be. As a professional woman with several rungs on the ladder yet to climb, there’s really no need to worry about the onset of age-related memory loss, or is there?

The Age at Which Memory Loss Was Thought to Appear

The age at which the onset of memory loss is first evidenced was always thought to be around 60. That was where the bar was set and why many geriatric doctors began assessing cognition in their patients at that age. Many seniors were in the process of downsizing and looking at senior residences at that time in their lives. People living in Missouri, for example, would start researching the quality of memory care St. Louis senior residences could provide. 

What Recent Studies Have Shown

With a growing fear that they were at that turning point in their lives, they wanted to be situated in a safe environment before D-Day struck. However, recent studies have shown that it is not uncommon for much younger people to begin noticing the beginning signs of dementia. Studies have shown that people as young as 40 can begin noticing lapses in cognition, so it is important to learn about ways to prevent, and maybe even reverse, the effects of memory loss.

Simple Ways to Guard Against Memory Loss

Foods that are high in antioxidants help to keep blood flowing through the body and subsequently to the brain. Therefore, eating a healthy diet of foods that help to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol while providing healthy levels of HDL (good) cholesterol are essential nutrients for a healthy brain. You can check out lists that show foods high in antioxidants and that’s a good place to begin. Also, just like physical exercise is good for the body, so too is mental stimulation effective in promoting healthy levels of cognition.

It’s Never Too Early to Begin a Healthy Regimen

With studies showing that the onset of age-related memory loss can begin as early as 40, that’s two decades earlier than previously thought. With this in mind, and years ahead of you before retirement, it is important to begin a strong regimen of healthy choices that will protect your mind against the ravages of memory loss. Start with a healthy diet and plenty of mental stimulation. While you may be one of the lucky ones who never suffers severe lapses in cognition, it is not a genetic condition so there is no way to know until it strikes. What you do today affects all your tomorrows, so keep that in mind.

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