From a Top Income Earner Teen in Network Marketing to Remote Sales Recruiter: How This CEO Is Helping Families And Companies Thrive During COVID

Did you know 15 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs started in sales? They know what works and what doesn’t work. Bella Verita shares the same story. She says, “sales is the oxygen of every business,” which she knows very well from the tons of experience she has to share. In this article, we will explore how this CEO is fuelling the passion for sales to entrepreneurs and sales enthusiasts for good. Making them unlock the potential for growth through sales.

Meeting Bella Varita

Bella Varita has been selling from an early age. By 19 years old, Bella was a top income earner in a network marketing organization. She has taken her sales ability to build a 7-figure real estate company and has garnered the recognition of being the number one business broker in the state of Nevada. Her passion is helping others thrive in sales to grow, scale, and serve more people. Bella has worked with big brands like Boss Babe Empire, Carolin Saldo, 1MT, among others.

The current pandemic has destabilized many businesses. There is a lot of uncertainty, and companies are trying to figure out how to protect and increase revenues. At the same time, sales professionals risk losing their income. But, there is always a silver lining to everything. Below are insights from Bella that can help you overturn the situation for good.

Changing The Approach

If you are a new sales hire, one of the biggest frustrations that you and the employer might feel is brought about by low sales. This is especially true when not delivering to set targets in the first few months. The pandemic is not making the situation better. Companies need revenue, without which they will not be able to function. However, it is essential to note that sales take time to happen. 

Good salespeople genuinely aim to solve other peoples’ problems. Training is necessary to help the sales team identify needs and match those with products or services. However, more important is being able to understand the product better, fall in love with the solutions that the company provides, and enjoy seeing the results of a successful sales process. It takes time. And, while some salespeople might be able to produce good results in a few weeks or months, great salespeople will be able to provide excellent results for years to come.

Connecting With Customers

There is no doubt that digital marketing presents many opportunities for businesses, especially during the present time. However, many companies are losing sight of the importance of connecting with customers. With so many processes being automated, avenues for connecting with clients disappear. In most cases, it is the businesses that suffer. 

Salespeople can create a strong interpersonal connection with customers, and this raises loyalty. Besides, engaging with customers helps businesses also understand what products or services customers want. Not to say that you cannot engage with customers through a digital platform, but when you add a personal touch, people feel more valued. It is a crucial step towards creating super fans and brand ambassadors of your products. Despite the challenges that we are currently facing, connecting with customers will help build revenues not only for the now but also for the long run. 

Addressing The Real Problems 

Bella notes that the reason many companies have sales problems is that they keep on firing and hiring. It is expensive for companies but it also denies great salespeople an opportunity to develop their skills. The solution to this cyclical problem is to be patient. Training is also essential to reinforce winning skills. 

The most valuable asset for any business is its employees. Continuous development is key to success. One of the other reasons that companies struggle with their sales is because they hire the wrong people. While it might seem wise to hire top closers in the region, you might want higher people who will be there for the long haul. Loyal employees, who are inspired to make a difference in their lives through their work. People who can consistently improve their skills and not jump ship to the next big opportunity within their reach.

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