Life Insurance for Women: What You Need to Know

As a woman, you’ve had to learn how to manage multiple roles while balancing your professional and family lives. You’ve learned how to earn and manage money, and how to get ahead in life. Now you’re ready to sit back and make sure that everything you’ve worked so hard to put in motion remains safe and secure. This is where life insurance comes in. 

Life insurance provides financial protection and peace of mind for you and your loved ones so you can rest easy knowing that those that depend on you will be protected if anything ever happens to you.

But what you may not have known is that the right life insurance policy can not only protect your loved ones in the event of a tragedy, it can also help you build up a cash value savings for retirement and even help you pay off your debt.  You may also not have been aware of options such as mortgage insurance or critical illness and disability insurance that can kick in to provide coverage in the event of an unfortunate injury or diagnosis.

When should I start thinking about Life Insurance?

The best time to purchase a life insurance policy is when you are young and healthy, as this will ensure that your monthly premium payments remain inexpensive. To secure the best rates, apply before you get married or start a family.

If you are already a head of household, a single mom, or a significant contributor to the household income, you should definitely think about buying a life insurance policy as soon as possible.  Life insurance can give your loved ones the financial protection to continue living in their home even in the event that you should become ill or disabled, or if you become unable to continue paying your home mortgage.

How can life insurance help me pay off my debt?

One product that is particularly exciting is Symmetry Financial Group’s Debt Free Life insurance plan. This policy includes a cash savings value that accumulates as you pay your monthly premiums.  This cash value adds up quickly and can be allocated to paying off your debt, so that you can build a future that is debt free.  In most cases, Debt Free Life policyholders are able to pay off their debt in nine years or less, creating a secure, debt-free future.

Once your debt is paid off, the cash value of your Debt Free Life plan can be used to build up a tax-protected retirement savings account to provide a more secure future once you reach retirement age. Debt Free Life is a win-win opportunity that lets you make smart financial moves while protecting your family and loved ones in the event that anything happens to you.

Whether you’re a single working mom, one of your family’s primary breadwinners, or a stay-at-home homemaker and mom, your contributions to your home and loved ones are valuable and would be missed greatly if something were to happen to you. A recent study revealed that even moms who stay at home caring for family and don’t produce income outside the home contribute an average of $178,200 to their homes in domestic, household and care labor. A life insurance policy can help your family maintain their lifestyle if you were to suffer an illness, disability, or death.

Purchasing life insurance today can provide peace of mind for many years down the road and offers the security that comes with knowing that it’ll be there for your family and loved ones if you need it.

What if I become critically ill or disabled?

Protection that covers you if you should become ill or disabled is something you can purchase as a rider attached to your life insurance policy. As a woman, you may have a higher risk of contracting certain critical illnesses, such as breast or ovarian cancer. The risk of developing these conditions tends to increase with age, which explains why it’s smart to purchase life insurance before any of these conditions affect you.

What if I become pregnant?

Purchasing a disability insurance policy or attaching a disability or critical illness rider to your life insurance policy could be a really smart move if you’re planning to start a family and become pregnant at some point. Disability insurance may cover certain health conditions associated with pregnancy and the postpartum period, which can help protect you from losing income and support you while you recover from childbirth. You can obtain this coverage either through a group plan at your place of employment, or by purchasing coverage on your own.

If you are pregnant at the time of application for coverage, it may affect your eligibility. Generally, it is easier to be approved for coverage during the first trimester of pregnancy.

How can I keep my premiums affordable?

Life insurance rates vary, and are usually based on an applicant’s age and overall health at the time of application for coverage. If you work in a high-risk field or participate in risky activities, or you use nicotine, you may pay more for your premiums.

Fortunately, while age is a factor in determining the price of life insurance, premiums don’t go up significantly for women until much later in life.  Your best bet is to apply for life insurance while you’re still young and healthy so you can secure the lowest rates for life insurance.

How can I get help choosing a good Life Insurance policy?

Symmetry Financial Group is a nationwide insurance marketing agency that works with agents all over the country who can help you shop for the most affordable rates and the best possible coverage to protect you and your loved ones. For most applicants, all it takes is completion of the application for life insurance. Most applicants will not be required to undergo a medical exam to secure coverage. Applying takes only minutes, and a Symmetry Financial Group agent will handle the shopping for you.  Symmetry Financial Group can help you choose the best policy from over 30 of the top-rated carriers in the country.

Policy reviews are handled using video consultation, so you can secure life insurance coverage for you and your loved ones from the comfort of your home. Contact Symmetry Financial Group today and request a quote for life insurance coverage so you can get started.

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