Fun Ways to Use Peppermint All Year Round (Not Just for the Holidays)

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During holiday time, we all like to stock up on peppermint. It’s terrific for using seasonal baked goods and it gives the air a refreshing kick that reminds us of the happiness that comes this time of year.

But peppermint has many applications that make it terrific to use year round. It can be used to flavor foods, as a fragrance or rub, and it has been shown to have wellness boosting health benefits.

After the holidays, if you still have some in your closet, here are some fun ways to use peppermint throughout the year.   

Fun Ways to Use Peppermint

Relax After a Long Day: When you come home from a stressful day at work, peppermint is the perfect way to unwind. Dilute 4 drops in a carrier oil, then rub it on your forehead, temples, and the back of your neck. The soothing sensation will take you away.

Infuse the Scent in Your Carpets: Do your carpets need a quick freshen-up? Try blending 20-30 drops of peppermint oil in with a cup of baking soda. The fresh scent will infuse the room.

Boost Your Breath: Feeling sensitive about your breath? Use a peppermint spray or mint so you can feel confident.

Take a Peppermint Bath: Another great way to relax is to take a peppermint bath. Put a few drops directly into your bathwater and look forward to a stress free soak that invigorates your body, soothes your muscles, and helps you focus.

Add Peppermint to Baked Goods: There are so many sweet recipes you can make using peppermint. Peppermint chocolate cookies, peppermint ribbon cake, and peppermint white hot chocolate are just a few that come to mind.

Invigorate Your Scalp: Take your morning shower to the next level by putting a few drops of peppermint into your shampoo. Massage the shampoo in to get an invigorating kick that’s better than coffee.

Add Zing to Your Water: Give your water an extra kick by adding a few drops of peppermint oil. It’s a great way to energize in the middle of the day or during a workout.

Make it a Massage Oil: Peppermint is great for soothing sore muscles. Mix it with some cocoa butter and rub it into the skin to feel the pressure melt away.

The Best Peppermint Products

While essential oils are generally safe, some are made with synthetic oils that can affect the purity of the product. That’s why it’s so important to purchase your peppermint from a brand you can trust.

NOW Foods has been in the healthcare industry since the 1940’s and they have made a name for themselves as a brand you can trust. Their Peppermint Organic Essential Oil is purity tested and quality assured. It is steamed from the plant’s leaves to give you an energizing experience every time.

If you enjoy a great minty smell, there are plenty of fun ways to use peppermint all year round. How do you like to incorporate it into your everyday routines?

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