House Cleaners: Are They Right For You?

As we all know, having your house clean without needing to do anything yourself is pretty convenient. But there are definitely some things to consider when it comes to hiring a house cleaner. It could be your home itself, your location, the size of your home, your personal schedule, and of course, your income. Some of you may think house cleaners are too expensive for you, and won’t even consider the option, while others wouldn’t bat an eye at the cost, but don’t want intrusions. Whichever category you fall into, it’s good to know your way around the service. Here are a couple reasons why house cleaners may or may not be right for you.


Before getting a house cleaner, it’s important to know the cost. This is what will ultimately decide whether it’s worth it or not: Is the convenience worth the price? Most people automatically think that home cleaners are only for the wealthy, but that’s not quite the case. Especially if you only use them intermittently. On average, cleaning a 2000 square foot space will only cost you just over a hundred dollars, which, when you think about the time and effort it takes to do so well, isn’t too shabby. Now that we know the rough idea of how much it costs, let’s get into it.


For many people, having strangers come into your home, and clean every nook and cranny they can find seems like a big intrusion. It can be embarrassing, and uncomfortable to know that someone you don’t know is in every corner of your home. Especially for people who own guns, it may not be the ideal situation. The thought of strangers working around  a dangerous situation with weapons in places they might not expect, is basically a living nightmare. When having this mindset, it’s important to understand that home cleaners aren’t predators, stalkers, or robbers. It’s also important to know that if your guns are all locked up and put away as they should be, and you give proper warning to the home cleaners, they will know what to do to avoid incidents. A lot of people quickly overthink everything bad that can happen in a situation, but make sure you do your research on the home cleaners you’re using, read testimonials, and get a feel for you is going to be entering your home. 

Scheduling and Home Size

Scheduling and home size are the last things on this list, and probably the only real reasons you may not need a home cleaner. For example, if you have a super busy schedule, such as working multiple jobs, or having kids, it can be ideal. But if you only work part time and don’t go to school it may be a little unrealistic for you to need people to clean your home for you, with so much free time on your hands. Home size gets a little weird. With a super small household, it may be really cheap to get it cleaned, but that also means that it’s not super hard, and you can more than likely find some time to do it yourself. A big home on the other hand, may be a nightmare to clean by yourself, but the price tag that comes with getting it cleaned might be too much for you.


Look for professional looking businesses, as for the most part, if they look the part, then they are much more likely to be reputable. In most cases, companies who have taken the time to speak with a merchant services agent and prepare their business to operate properly, with the right equipment will provide a much better quality service.

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