How Much To Shorten Sleeves On Women’s Leather Jacket

Shortening the sleeves on a leather jacket is typically not recommended. Doing so will not only ruin the integrity of the garment but will hurt its value as well. However, this doesn’t mean that one cannot decrease the sleeve length slightly if needed. This process can be expensive, but it is cheaper and safer than buying a new leather jacket that fits.

For Most Women, The Sleeve Length on A Jacket Will Be Too Long.

For most women, the sleeve length on a jacket will be too long.

The best way to shorten sleeves is by using a sewing machine. The process involves cutting the fabric and stitching it back together again. The seam should be as invisible as possible so that it’s not visible on the outside of the jacket.

Here are some tips for shortening sleeves:

Measure the sleeve length from the edge of the cuff down to where you would like the sleeve to end. Mark this length with chalk or a pen so you know where to cut.

Cut off excess material from each end of the sleeve using scissors or shears. Trim off any excess threads from where you’ve cut out extra material; this will make your seams less bulky and more comfortable when wearing them against your skin.

Most Leather Jackets Are Sized the Same Way Women’s Jackets Are Sized.

Most leather jackets are sized the same way women’s jackets are sized. The length of sleeves is usually about an inch or two longer than a men’s size. So, if you want to shorten the sleeves, you’ll need to do some measuring and cutting.

Measure your arm from your shoulder down to where you want your new sleeve length to be.

Cut off the excess material from the sleeve seam. Be sure not to cut too much off — just enough so that it fits your arm properly.

Sew a seam along where you cut (on both sides of the jacket). This will help keep everything together after cutting off excess material from the sleeve.

 The Sleeve Length Will Vary According to The Style of Jacket And How Far It Is Intended To Extend Down The Arm.

The sleeve length will vary according to the style of jacket and how far it is intended to extend down the arm. But for a leather jacket, you want it to stop just at your wrist bone.

If you have a short sleeve leather jacket, then you can go ahead and shorten it by cutting off the excess fabric from the bottom hem.

This process can be done easily with a pair of scissors or even with a seam ripper if you are careful enough not to damage the stitches or any other part of the material.

You can also decide whether you want to make alterations on the sleeves by using leather patches or by simply lengthening them when they are too long for your liking.

If You Want to Shorten Sleeves On Your Leather Jacket, You Will Need To Start By Measuring Your Own Arm.

If you want to shorten sleeves on your leather jacket, you will need to start by measuring your own arm.

Measure the length of your arm from the shoulder down to your wrist. This will be your new length measurement.

You are now ready to measure and cut your jacket sleeve.

It is always best to start with a small amount when cutting leather and then go up in increments if needed. In this case I would suggest starting at three inches, which is 1/2 inch per side. That way if one side needs more room, you can adjust it without having to redo the other side as well.

You Can Then Use This Measurement as A Guide In Determining Where You Should Cut The Sleeves Of Your Jacket.

If you have a leather jacket that is too long, you can take it to a tailor to shorten the sleeves. The process of shortening the sleeves on a women’s leather jacket is similar to that of a men’s leather jacket. However, there are some differences in how this should be done.

Measure your jacket sleeve before you begin any cutting work on it. You can use a measuring tape or ruler to measure the length of the sleeve from where it meets the shoulder seam down to where it meets the bottom edge of your armhole. This measurement will give you an idea of how much material needs to be removed from each sleeve so that it fits properly on your arms.

You can then use this measurement as a guide in determining where you should cut the sleeves of your jacket. If you want shorter sleeves than what was originally present on your jacket, then make sure that both cuts are made at once so that they match up evenly in length when finished.


If you are serious about making your own leather jacket, the proper way to shorten the sleeves is by taking off a couple of inches of material at a time, then sewing the patches back on, and testing it on. It’s going to be time consuming, but you really need to test this before you put it on a completed leather jacket that you’ve spent good money for.

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