Are White Women Happier With Black Men

White women are said to be happier with black men than with white men. At this point, you may be wondering how that can be a question . . .how could anyone ever think that a white woman would prefer a black man. Wouldn’t she naturally want a man of her own race? This is controversial and has been the subject of many sociological studies as well as debates among people on the street.

Are White Women Happier with Black Men?

In response to the question, “Are white women happier with black men?” we are going to take a look at some of the reasons why they might be. Of course, there is no way to know whether any white woman is happier with a black man, but this article will explore some of the reasons why they might be.

The first reason is that black men are more masculine than white men. This means that they are better providers and protectors. It also means that they are less likely to cheat on their partners or make their partners feel insecure about their relationship. Because of this, it may be easier for white women to relax when dating a black man because he will provide for her and protect her from anyone who tries to hurt her emotionally or physically.

Another reason why it may be easier for white women to date black men is because they have more money than white men do. While money is not everything in life, it does help people feel secure and it can help them achieve more things in life as well.

 A Brief History of Interracial Dating

Interracial dating, especially in the United States, is a topic that has been discussed since the end of slavery. Many African Americans have expressed concern over the negative consequences of interracial dating and marriage.

In a study conducted by Occupied on their users’ racial preferences, it was found that white men were most attracted to East Asian women, black men were most attracted to East Asian women, white men were most attracted to black women, and black men were most attracted to white women. The results from this study indicated that there was no significant preference for any race when it comes to male-female pairings.

The study also found that black men prefer white women over black women by almost 2x as much as white men prefer them over black men. In contrast, Asian women do not show a preference for either race when it comes to male-female pairings (OkCupid).

When comparing these findings with past studies conducted by other dating websites such as Match (2017), we see an increase in interracial dating among both Asian and Black communities over the past decade., Despite these increases in interracial relationships among Asian Americans, many still disapprove of them due to fears of cultural degradation or loss of identity.

White Women and Black Men in The Early Days

White women have been dating black men for decades. In fact, there’s evidence that white women were having sex with black men even before slavery was abolished.

According to PBS, marriage between a white woman and a black man was common in the early days of America. This was especially true if the woman was poor or working class, because at that time it was considered shameful for a white woman to work outside the home or earn money from anything other than teaching school or nursing.

During slavery, many slave owners encouraged relationships between their slaves because they believed it would encourage more productivity and obedience among them. However, some slave owners also discouraged this practice because they feared it would lead to rebellion among their slaves if they had children together who looked like them instead of like their owners.

Things Have Changed a Lot, But Have They Changed That Much?

It used to be that white women rarely dated black men. It was taboo. But things have changed. Now, it seems like white women date black men all the time. The question is why? What’s so special about black men that makes them so desirable?

There are many reasons why white women are attracted to black men, but the most important one is that they offer something no other man can. This something is called masculinity and it’s something that every woman wants in her relationship with a man.

If you’re wondering why white women are happier with black men, here are 4 reasons why:

  1. Masculinity
  2. Dominance
  3. Confidence
  4. Sexual prowess

 Black Men, White Women and The Media

The media is the main culprit when it comes to white women and black men relationships. The media portrays black men as violent, misogynistic, and hypersexual. It does this through negative stereotypes and imagery.

The media also portrays white women as innocent and delicate flowers that need protection from men like me. This idea has been perpetuated in every form of media including television shows, movies, music videos and even advertisements.

This misrepresentation of black men has led to white women who are not comfortable dating outside of their race because they feel that they will be judged by other people who see them as a traitor to their race. I have heard this from many white women who have dated me or my friends before so it’s clear that this is a real issue that people face today.

 Newsflash America: White women like black men.

A new study from the dating site found that black men were more likely to be contacted by white women on the site than white men were by black women. The study also found that white women were less likely to contact Asian men than they are black men or any other race of man.

Match compiled its data based on member interactions over the last year and a half, according to CNNMoney. The site said it looked at member-to-member messages sent and received by users who identified themselves as being 25 years old or older and who had been active on the site within six months of when the research was conducted in February 2014 through April 2015.

The study also found that black men were most likely to receive attention from Asian women and least likely to be contacted by Hispanic women. Meanwhile, Asian men received the least amount of attention from white women but the most amount of attention from Hispanic and black women alike.


The old saying goes “opposites attract” and this appears to be true when it comes to interracial relationships. The analysis shows us that white women tend to date black men with more education, and more wealth. However, we actually found at multiple cohorts in the US Census data where white women are now both more likely to graduate high school and college than white men, they earn higher wages than White males AND they marry at later ages on average.

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