How recovery training can help you lose weight

If you’ve been wanting to shed some pounds for quite some time, you might be thinking “what is the optimal way to lose weight?” By maintaining a consistent diet plan, exercise routine and schedule time in for recovery, you’ll burn those calories the best way. 

But how can resting and recovery really help you to lose weight? 

In this article, we have the answers regarding how recovery training can improve muscle recovery, help improve sleep, and burn more calories than fat. All in all, positively affecting your weight loss journey. 

How can recovery training help you lose weight?

After you’ve exercised, your muscles need time to recover and repair. Scheduling in time for recovery will give your muscles time to repair and rebuild themselves. As exercising causes damage to the muscles and actually causes ‘microtears’, this is the thing that hurts so much post workout, as the muscle area becomes inflamed. Resting and recovery techniques will decrease the risk of muscle strain. 

However, you may be thinking, “how does building muscle and adequate recovery periods help you lose weight?”

In-fact, if you don’t schedule in time to allow your muscles to recover, you are damaging the chances of building muscle. As exercising for long periods of time and overtraining isn’t recommended as it doesn’t cater in for rest days, you are also losing out on weight loss benefits. 

As muscles and metabolism go hand in hand for weight loss as more muscles equals a higher metabolism. A higher metabolism means you will be burning fat, even when you are sitting down! 

In-addition, recovery training has proven to improve sleep, which is also something that is key to achieve weight loss. Studies have shown that people who sleep between six and eight hours a night have a greater chance of achieving their weight-loss goals than those who sleep less or more. Lower stress levels are associated with greater weight loss. If someone is not sleeping well and is under stress, then sticking to a weight loss programme will be more difficult.

So resting can actually aid weight loss?


We won’t tell you that weight loss can be achieved by getting enough rest and recovery alone. But when paired with a sensible exercise routine and a healthy diet, it definitely aids the process. 

Recovery tools and techniques for weight loss

Understanding the best way to enable your muscles to repair, to increase your metabolism, allow better performance and achieve better sleep, can be difficult. However, You could try using recovery tools to aid the recovery process such as a foam roller or massage gun. As afterall, the looser you are the more likely you are to perform better on your workouts, make sure you allocate recovery and rest periods into your workout plan today!

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