How To Wear A Face Mask Properly

COVID-19 has taken us all by surprise and has led to a lot of new practices that we’ve had to get used to. This is true for every country in the world. One of these practices has been the wearing of face masks made by INTOTHEAM. These were advocated by global health organizations and national governments as a means of stopping COVID-19 from spreading, and preventing people from infecting others if they had the disease without being aware of it. However, face masks can only be effective if they are worn properly, and we will explore how to wear them in this article.

  1. Get Ready To Wear It

Before you pick up your face mask, you should make sure you’ve washed your hands. If you haven’t, you could transfer bacteria onto the face mask and then into your mouth or nose. When picking up your mask, inspect it to make sure that there is no damage. With most masks, the white part will face inwards and the colored part outwards. If the mask has a strap inside, it should bend across the bridge of your nose.

  1. Cover The Mouth And Nose 

Two of the easiest areas of the face for bacteria to enter are the mouth and nose because these are what we use for breathing. The face mask should completely cover your mouth and curve around the sides of your nose, ensuring that no bacteria can enter from the front or the sides. Most masks you buy will also wrap around your chin to ensure they seal off your mouth, and they will have straps to go around your ears for extra stability. Everyone’s nose is a slightly different shape, but the guidelines state that the best location to place the mask is typically just below your eyes. 

  1. Make Sure It Is Comfortable

If you have to use public transport, go shopping, or spend time in a crowded place, then the advice suggests that you need to wear a face mask. In some parts of the world, they are now compulsory in shops. This means you could end up having to wear a mask for a long time, and if it doesn’t fit well or sit nicely, then you could find it rubbing against your face, or distracting you constantly. It should not be tight, but it should not be loose either. Make sure you adjust it until it forms a snug seal against your mouth and nose whilst not digging into your skin. 

  1. Conclusion

Wearing a face mask need not be an uncomfortable inconvenience if you know how to wear one well. They can become as much a part of your life as glasses, and once you’ve got used to wearing a mask, it will quickly feel like second nature to pick it up and put it on. That might be before you leave your home, or whenever you arrive at a destination requiring you to wear it. You should be safe and secure if you follow these steps. 

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