Improving Live Video for Increasing Global Streaming

From 2016 to 2021, live video traffic grew four times over.  By 2028, global revenue from live video will reach 184 billion dollars.  By 2023, cloud communication platforms will reach 51 billion dollars globally.  Consumers want live video as streaming is gaining popularity.  For instance, 79 percent of those surveyed interact with live video at least once a week, while 33 percent interact with live video five or more times per week.  In fact, 58 percent of consumers are more likely to trust companies that embrace live video.  

Thus, live video is an increasingly significant avenue for businesses.  With more opportunities to work remotely, live video is an important tool for meetings as a conferencing solution.  However, live video’s use expands beyond just meetings, impacting industries such as gaming, real estate, marketing, healthcare, B2B business, webinars, and recruiting.  Effective live video faces challenges in producing high quality outcomes, with problems regarding low bandwidth, inconsistent video quality, encoding, privacy, device compatibility, and user interface frustrating users.  

A patented single stream technology manages these hindrances of live video to produce high performing video quality to use for meetings, live streaming, and more!  Made for and by developers, this technology provides easy embedding onto any web service, independent scaling options, and security for live video creation.

The power of nimble live video

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