Tips on Focusing Your Attention

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8 Tips to Help Stay Focused

Most people have trouble staying focused while working on a task. One reason is that they have too many distractions to deal with. These distractions can be from external sources such as work, friends, family, and social media.

It could also be because of an internal distraction, such as the mind wandering to the past or future. Staying focused when working is not easy, but with a bit of thought, a person can remain focused on the task at hand, thus completing it faster and better.

1. Draw a Line between Work and Play

It’s essential to make sure that work isn’t mixed with play. If a person is deeply involved in their work, it can be challenging to play afterward. When returning home after working long hours, a person should play some games or watch TV instead of continuing to work on their computer or smartphone.

2. Keep Things Neat

We’re more likely to lose focus if there is a lot of mess around. There should be enough space for a person to work without their stuff mixed up with other things. It’s also a good idea to arrange the desk so that all items required are close by.

3. Avoid Multitasking

If a person wants to focus on their work, they shouldn’t try to do too many things at once. Multi-tasking can be difficult, so try to work on one thing at a time. Focus on one task rather than trying to complete multiple tasks in a short amount of time.

4. Use The Right Tools for Work

A person should make sure that they have everything necessary before starting their work. Sorting out equipment before beginning can go a long way in helping one stay focused on their task.

5. Get Enough Sleep

People who want to focus on their work need to get enough sleep every night. They should ensure that they get at least 7 hours of sleep each night to function properly throughout the following day.

6. Eat Right

If a person works too many hours regularly, their body may not be able to sustain itself properly. Jordan Sudberg believes that taking a meal or a snack will help rebuild a person’s focus. Drinking water regularly throughout the day is essential to refresh the mind.

7. Take Breaks From Time to Time

A functioning brain needs breaks from time to time to stay focused. Otherwise, it can be difficult for the brain to handle all the required tasks during the working day. People should take small breaks when they feel like doing so. They could stand up and stretch for a few minutes or walk over to the window to look at the outside world.

8. Get Some Sunlight

It’s a proven fact that human beings need sunlight to stay healthy. It’s also a natural way to get energized and refreshed. Light from the sun is easy on the eyes and can help keep a person focused on their work for longer.


Many things can help people stay focused when doing their work. Jordan Sudberg suggests the use of an organizational app that can help people stay on schedule. Inserting time for breaks every day is also essential for people who work long hours.

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