Innovative and Sassy Dresses to Make you Look Fresh on Your Vacation Parties

T’was a season for vacation parties. Weddings here and there. Reunions here and there and name every party that’s in there this vacation. It’s fun, isn’t it? What’s more fun is choosing the appropriate dresses for each of the occasions. There are a lot of dresses with different styles, traditional designs and trending designs.

Let us have a look on the different categories of dresses you can choose from. Below are special occasion dresses which can be worn in specific events meanwhile they can still be worn as alternative dresses for any other occasions. For instance, evening gowns can be worn during proms.

  1. Evening Gowns – These evening gowns are best worn on evening events, just as the description says. In addition, they are the dresses worn on formal events. Normally these are long dresses (floor length dresses or with trains). These are however the best options for pageants.
  2. Prom Dresses – Teenagers love these dresses. Hearing the word prom would make them so excited of which these dresses will always be the first options they will browse before checking the other possible gowns, regardless of what the occasion is.
  3. Cocktail Dresses – These are dresses that are appropriate for semi-formal occasions and cocktail parties.
  4. Homecoming Dresses – Like cocktail dresses, homecoming dresses are not only limited to homecoming parties as these dresses can be worn on any semi-formal events. In addition, homecoming season is fast approaching and this might be the perfect time to check on the latest collection for homecoming dresses.
  5. Mother of the Bride of Dresses/ Guest Wedding Dresses – Mother of the bride dresses are considered to be formal dresses. Whether it be named as mother of the bride dresses, these can still be worn by mother of the grooms or any other witnesses/principal sponsors who will be part of the entourage.
  6. Fashion Dresses – These could be referred to as the most trending and designed dresses. It could be with prints, big or small, or the cut may be regular or irregular.
  7. Little Black Dresses – These are black dresses, cut simply and are short (knee length dresses and mini dresses). These could be worn as evening or cocktail dresses. In addition, black color is one of the dark colors that symbolize elegance. The color also usually makes someone look slim and sexy.

The above dresses are just a few of the categories you can choose from for your vacation parties. They can be interchangeably worn on any events. Evening dresses are not limited to just evening events, and the same thing with prom dresses and the other dresses.

The length of the dresses also arrays from short to long and some with trains, like evening dresses. Thus, you can choose the correct length of your dress according to the weather and most often according to your height. In addition, most of the above dresses also come in different colors except for little black dresses which obviously says they are black.

Special occasion dresses also come in different silhouettes, from A-line, mermaid, ball gown, empire and sheath styles. With the said silhouettes, if you’d like to show your curves, you can wear mermaid style dresses whilst A-line and ball gown styles would be best for all body shapes. Sheath styles are however tight just like mermaid style however they do not show one’s curves though it will also show your sexiness. Empire dresses however are the best dresses for those who wanted to hide their belly. These are most often the best options for perfect plus size evening gowns.

With the advancements in technology, if you would like to check on which is which like style or silhouette, you can simply browse fashion or dress websites to see how each would differ from another.

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