Travel to Mexico at Your own Risk

Travel to Mexico this summer remains a dicey proposition, especially in the larger metropolitan areas such as Mexico City and Guadalajara. And parts of the rural countryside are also considered off-limits to tourists at the moment, due to political unrest and the resurgence of banditry and kidnapping.

The Mexican drug cartels are still an extremely powerful and dangerous entity to be reckoned with. They operate throughout the length and breadth of Mexico with virtual impunity, despite what the Mexican government says and has promised to do.  

If you plan to drive in Mexico DO NOT drive a new or expensive model, say the Philadelphia car accident attorneys. This will make you an inevitable target for criminals who will steal everything from your luggage to your dashboard radio/CD player to the hubcaps to the entire vehicle itself. Plus you will be more likely to be pulled over by traffic cops for nonexistent technical violations in the hopes of a tidy bribe.

Mexico has several outstanding English language newspapers throughout the country; if you plan on traveling to any part that has one of these papers, such as El Universal, it pays to read them well in advance of your trip to find out how safe things really are in the area. Finally, from Acapulco to Velacruz, on to Cancun, Mexico’s beaches still offer recreational value to many sports. Beach ball for one, played with Personalized Beach Balls can be spotted first, next to surfing and scuba diving.

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