Learn to Love Networking

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Learn to Love Networking


Uncomfortable, phony, fake, brown nosing, inauthentic, etc, this list can go on and as this describes how many feel when it comes to networking. For extroverts who simply thrive on and absolutely love social interaction, it does not make them feel by no means uncomfortable because they are in their zone and enjoying every moment of networking. It is a natural passion for them. On the other hand, a lot of people, especially those who are more of an introvert, actually hate networking. But in today’s fast paced society, networking is vital for professionals as it can lead many to opportunities that would be out of their reach in most cases. Research has shown that networking improves capacity to innovate, widens and deepens knowledge, ignites faster advancement, provides greater status and gives authority in the professional world. With these types of benefits, it is important to learn to love networking as Alexander Djerassi has stressed that the gains made in the world of business through networking truly outweigh any feelings of being uncomfortable. Here, strategies to help professionals learn to love networking will be discussed. Let’s take a look.

Strategies and Tips

First, put the focus on learning. If networking is approached by simply looking at it as a chance to learn more and become informed, then one may not feel as if they are brown nosing. Think about the growth and advancement that can be accomplished by becoming educated with information and professional knowledge by way of networking. Therefore, use this strategy as a motivational tool to learn.

Second, when approaching networking, it will be much easier if one were to identify interests that one has in common with the people who are in that specific social and networking crowd. Ensure that one’s goals and interest are in alignment with the network. Common interests can create interdependence as there is some give and take because of the common goal or interest which means one can help the other. Also, keep in mind that common interest is a great way to start networking but even if there is nothing in common from the outset, think broadly as there is always something that one can offer that can be very valuable to the other person.

Last, always have a higher goal in mind and approach networking with that goal of having a higher purpose and inform that it will benefit others. Take that step to realize that networking can help others and it will relieve some of that uncomfortableness due to feeling self-centered.
In conclusion, these little strategies when applied to one’s attempt to network can be very helpful. Just remember to think of it as an educational experience with promotional opportunities that can catapult one into a professional world with others who have common interests while helping counterparts such as customers and clients who can also get great benefits from one’s learned expertise. So, it stands to reason why business professionals should learn to love networking, according to entrepreneur Alexander Djerassi. Give it a try.

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