In-Demand Jobs For Women in Canada

Whether you have a college diploma or not, finding a job might be difficult. It’s natural to be concerned about what you’ll do next. Assuming you received assistance from, you may be asking yourself, “Where do I go now?” What kind of job am I going to apply for? What are the most in-demand jobs in Canada? Other aspects to consider, including income, location, the environment, and many others.

If these are the questions you keep asking yourself, then worry not, for this article is here to let you know all the in-demand jobs for women in Canada.

Health-related jobs

If you are looking for in-demand jobs focused more on the health and medical sides of things, such as doctors and nurses, then the health-related jobs section of this article is for you.

#1 Pharmacist

Compared to other jobs, one of the best ones you can take, especially if you work best as a healthcare worker, would be a Pharmacist. An average working Pharmacist in Canada can earn up to $91,511 each year. While it depends on your position, it is still a good amount one could make a year.

As a Pharmacist, you would be tasked with handling everything and anything related to medicines. You would be required to store medicine, make sure it is at the right temperature, guide the patients on how to use them, and the like.

#2 Veterinarians

Are you someone looking to find a job that involves pets? Then a Veterinarian might be the job that’s best for you. Since Canadians are big pet lovers, it is clear that the country would have a significant demand for pet doctors. Moreover, since Canada is in short supply of Veterinarians, this is an in-demand job that could land you with an average salary of $87,500.

Veterinarians are responsible for examining animals’ health, making sure that there is no cause for worry, treating wounds, vaccinating them, and a lot more. As pet doctors, making sure that their pets are safe and healthy would be your number one priority, and if they are not, you would be tasked with helping them heal.

#3 Registered Nurse

Since Canadians value health and consider them to be one of the main things to think about, it is no surprise that registered nurses would be a job that is in demand. As an average RN, you can earn up to $71,867 a year. While this is an in-demand job, it still has specific requirements as they make sure that nurses are as knowledgeable as possible, like a bachelor’s degree or a nursing diploma.

Similar to a vet, you are focused on looking and examining a person’s health. You are to deal with patients, assess and observe them, prepare them for health exams, monitor side effects, and the like.

Marketing-related jobs

The marketing-related jobs area is for you if you’re seeking in-demand jobs that are more focused on product and service promotion, such as marketing directors and assistants.

#1 Marketing Manager

If you have a knack for creating gimmicks and developing marketing strategies for products and services, then being a marketing manager may be up in your alley. Being an average marketing manager can help you earn up to $72,426.

As a marketing manager, you will be in charge of overseeing various marketing teams, estimating budgets for campaigns, and putting it all together as well. More than that, you are also tasked with preparing promotion contracts, negotiating, and working with other agencies.

#2 Marketing Analyst

With an average salary of $60,450 every year, a marketing analyst is in charge of assisting businesses and organizations in determining which products and services to market, to whom, and at what price. They are focused on basing their opinions on researching market conditions, competitive conduct, and consumer behavior.

So, suppose you have knowledge and experience in statistics, strong writing, and spoken communication abilities, as well as knowledge of tools such as Excel or SPSS. In that case, you have one of the best qualities to have to be a successful marketing analyst.


While looking for a job can be difficult, it would always be more manageable by thinking about what you would want to do. The good news is that there are a lot of in-demand jobs everywhere, especially in Canada. So, if you’re still undecided about what job to take, take a look at your skill set. It is easier to find the perfect in-demand job for you once you have realized what it is you will excel in the most.

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