Living Large in Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky is a city known for its rich history and cultural events, such as the Kentucky Derby, St. James Court Art Show, and Forecastle Music Festival. The city’s economy is also thriving, with the UPS International Air Hub serving as the largest employer in Louisville and enabling the region to be a logistical hub for shipping, logistics, warehousing, transportation, and manufacturing. The cost of living is relatively low, with housing and utilities being significantly below the national average.

There are over 150 neighborhoods in Louisville and Jefferson County, offering a diverse range of homes and attractions for families to browse, buy, and customize. Some of the best neighborhoods to live in near Louisville include Cherokee Seneca, Belknap, Old Louisville, Clifton, and Highlands, with average home values ranging from $215,344 to $536,051.In addition to its economic and cultural offerings, Louisville is also known for its unique quirks, such as being credited with the creation of the cheeseburger, having 95% of the world’s bourbon made within its borders, and being the site of the first US hand transplant. With its mild climate, extensive parkland, and attractions like the Muhammad Ali Center and Churchill Downs, buying real estate in Louisville makes it an ideal place to settle down, ramp up, or start the next chapter of life.

What Makes Louisville A Great Place To Live?
Source: Finish Line Realty

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