Windows Are More Valuable Than You Think For Saving Money

Installing new vinyl windows in your home is the easiest way to cut down on your energy bills and add new value to your home. Energy efficient windows are cheaper and more effective than other energy saving renovations, such as dishwashers and water heaters. Windows are so cost effective because of how much better they can insulate your home if installed professionally. 30% of your energy bill is coming from money being thrown out of the window as heated and cooled air escapes. Just by replacing a single pane window with a triple pane window in your home, you can save up to $500 every year on energy.

New, Energy Star certified windows are also one of the most sought after features that buyers in today’s market are looking for. Nearly 90% say that these windows are essential and the majority want windows with 3 panes of insulation glass and want windows that can protect against harmful UV rays. Getting these new windows installed has been shown to drive up a home’s selling price by over $10,000.
Learn more about window replacement costs and their impact to your wallet and to the environment here.

The Value of Windows

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