Power Pose or Power Outfit – Which One Is More Powerful?

Power Pose or Power Outfit - Which One Is More Powerful?

To boost your confidence for an interview or a presentation at a conference, which do you prefer? Does standing, legs spread, hands on your hips say ‘that’s a confident woman’ or would a pantsuit do the trick instead? 

As far as life hacks go, both have their merits, and most people swear by one or both of them. Choosing one over the other is not as simple as picking out an outfit or posing like Wonder Woman. This article will give you a little insight into both and how you can decide which one is powerful enough for you. 

Dress for Success

Pantsuit, two-piece, pencil skirt, jeans, and maxi dress; they’re all a small part of a woman’s wardrobe. Each says something different when you wear it. 

Using clothes to send a message is an age-old practice, often with positive results, although there might not be much to it except common sense. For example, shorts to an interview are a no-no, just as a pantsuit on a mountain climbing trip would be a crime against fashion.

Some believe there’s no specific outfit that’s considered powerful. Any attire you feel comfortable in works. Balance that with the appropriate dress code for the occasion, and you’ve got yourself a killer, power outfit.

With power outfits, you buy your confidence and wear it. Sometimes all you need is a little tweak to your everyday ensemble to create your power outfit. A blazer, for example, is a timeless power fashion piece, so you can shop now for some fancy jackets and coats and get your confidence soaring.

Strike a Pose

According to Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist, non-verbal expressions of power affect feelings, behaviors, and hormone levels. In simple words, act the part, and soon enough, you’ll begin to feel, think, and be it.

There’s been some conflict about the science behind this. Cuddy’s research suggests that a high-power pose increases testosterone and decreases cortisol. Her fellow social psychologists labeled those findings as pseudoscience.

That hasn’t stopped people from turning to power posing for a little pick-me-up. A power pose brings out your internal strength, whether it’s scientific or a placebo effect. Either way, there’s no harm in channeling Wonder Woman if it helps you feel confident and powerful.

Which One Should You Choose?

It’s all in your mind. If posing like an Amazon warrior princess feels a little silly, then that power pose is not for you. Of course, you could try other poses or toss the idea altogether and get an outfit to boost your confidence.

With clothes, comfort and style are essential. Your power outfit should accommodate both, but comfort is vital. If your outfit is stylish but makes you uncomfortable, that defeats the whole purpose.


Both the power pose and outfit contribute to your confidence. Finding the most powerful one is up to you. Whichever makes you feel like you can take on the world is the one for you.

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