Precautions for Using Dog Phenobarbital

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Having a canine companion is an amazing thing. It opens you up to lots of privileges. For instance, with a dog by your side, you have unwavering loyalty and partnership. It is a thrilling experience.

However, taking responsibility for furry your pal is not a stroll in the park. From behavioral challenges to the possibility of health complications, it is serious work.

This is not meant to scare you but call your attention to how things eventually play out. For example, as with humans, dogs are susceptible to a number of health-related problems.

In this article, we will discuss how a particular drug, dog Phenobarbital, can help deal with some of these complications.

What Is Dog Phenobarbital?

Just so you know, this drug can be also called Luminal or Barbital. So, what is the role of this drug in ensuring good health for your pet?

As with other drugs classified as a barbiturate, this drug can alter the normal workings of your dog’s central nervous system. This is especially important for controlling seizures.

To do this, it engages chemical properties that readjust the workings of neurons to cope with the situation.

How Safe Is Phenobarbital?

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This drug has been scientifically tested and proven to help dogs with a couple of health challenges, especially seizures. It has an impressive record and we can see what the numbers say about its effectiveness.

By and large, over 80% of dogs with seizure-related problems have improved tremendously with the help of this drug. On the other hand, there is a marginalized 20% that see no improvement.

Considering the numbers, it is fair to say that this drug is very potent. This is also proven by the number of canine owners that purchase Phenobarbital. For the records, it is one of the most sought-after drugs in the market. No doubt, this is as a result of its effectiveness as well as its affordability.

However, this impressive intended drug can become a nightmare if used inappropriately. As a result, let us go over some basics you should be aware of before using this drug on your dog.

Let the Veterinarian Make the Decision

Coping with canine seizure is pretty difficult. It requires that you be constantly on the lookout for your dog’s safety.

As a result of the stress and uncertainty associated with the situation, many dog owners make irrational decisions. One of such is purchasing phenobarbital on their own.

Just so we are clear, this drug is not the sort that can be toyed with. Regardless of your dog’s situation, let your vet make the call. Do not buy or administer this drug without the knowledge and permission of your veterinarian. Why is this?

Generally, this is a practice you must learn at large. However, the stakes are higher with phenobarbital. Unlike drugs such as CBD oil with little or no side effects, the case is different with phenobarbital. To know more about CBD oil treatment, you can click here.

As explained earlier, this drug is a depressant. It is aimed at altering the natural order of your dog’s central nervous system.

As a result, this should only be done professionally and with caution. Considering this, you should never take laws into your hands when dealing with this drug. Frankly speaking, you will do yourself and your furry companion a world of good by adhering to this instruction.

Follow Your Vet’s Prescription to the Letter

Using this drug triggers sensitive reactions in your dog’s system. Considering this, you should not only consult your vet about using phenobarbital but also about what dosage to use.

Most times, canines are given a minute dosage which is gradually increased to help deal with the side effects. However, some drastic situations may require that you kick off with a heavy dosage. In such a situation, the side effects are felt, but things get better with time.

Be that as it may, let your veterinarian make the major decisions as regards the use of this antidepressant. Things come sometimes get out of control, so it’s always a good idea to stay covered with dog insurance.

Be Alert and Detailed in Explanation

At some point, you and the vet will have to evaluate the use of this drug. This is to decide the dosage going forward.

Given that your vet is not readily available to experience your dog’s seizures and pain, you can help him/her out.

Whenever your furry buddy has a seizure, you can record the incident. This includes the time it started and ended, the experiences and other minute details.

This will go a long way in helping your vet make the right decision.

For more on how to treat canine seizures with phenobarbital, you can watch this video here:


Although it comes with many benefits, taking care of a dog requires that you be committed. In this article, we have called your attention to phenobarbital: a drug that can help canines overcome seizures.

If you eventually need the benefits that this barbiturate offers, remember that your veterinarian’s advice is particularly important when making the decision.

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