Pregnant support belt – the essential item for every expecting mum!

Being pregnant is a wonderful time for the future mother, her partner as well as her family. However, when the belly grows, the pain on back, pelvis and bladder can appear. It is totally normal but it is very uncomfortable for the pregnant woman. Luckily, there is an item that may be significant during this period – it is called Lola&Lykke core relief pregnancy support belt and this article will provide more information on the product.

1. Pregnancy support belt – the basic information

2. The significant advantages of using pregnancy support belt

Pregnancy support belt – the basic information

Lola&Lykke core relief pregnancy support belt is a product that was designed to provide the maximum relief to the future mothers. The belt is made of breathable and user-friendly materials that are perfect for lifting the pregnant belly. The pregnancy band is equipped with support straps where the woman can place hot or cold pack to minimize the pain and maximize the comfort. The pregnancy support belt is available in three sizes: S, M and L. The shell is made of bamboo (95%) and spandex (5%), while the core is made of polyester (40%), nylon (40%) and neoprene (20%). The product should be washed in cold water by hand and lay flat to dry.

The significant advantages of using pregnancy support belt

The future mothers just love the product that is designed to meet their expectations at every manner. There are some important benefits worth highlighting:

– easy to wear – the pregnancy support belt is very ergonomic and easy to adjust – every lady can do it on her own.

– additional back pocket – to provide comfort and relief, the hot or cold pack can be put to the back pocket.

– fit perfectly at every stage of the pregnancy – the designers prepared the possibility to adjust the band of additional 25 centimetres at every size of pregnancy support belt.

– designed for active future mothers – the belt provides support and stability while doing exercises or simple while doing shopping or walking.

– additional back support – due to two vertical ribs, the future mum gets back support which is essential when the belly becomes bigger and bigger.

Although pregnancy is a marvellous time for future mother and often called blessed, it also causes some inconvenience and pain that is sometimes very strong. However, the pregnancy support belt will help the lady to get rid of those problems and start to enjoy being pregnant once again.

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