Signs Your Marriage Is Over And How To Proceed When You Have Kids

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Marriages do end for a variety of reasons at different times in a marriage. There are people that have grown apart after decades while others fail to have anything in common when their kids move out of the home. The truth is that if you do not work on your marriage consistently, even a strong relationship can end in detesting one another. The process of divorce is never going to be pleasant but remembering you will be happy afterward is important. The tricky variable is couples that have children as there will need to be frequent contact between exes. The following are signs that your marriage is over and how to proceed when you have children.

Contact A Family Law Attorney 

Family law attorneys are going to play a huge role if a custody agreement cannot be reached privately. Having a custody agreement in writing is important though as a lot of people might not keep their word. Unfortunately, children are used as pawns by some disgruntled exes to yield power over their ex. These legal professionals can even help figure out custody issues as they have a wealth of experience in this area. There can be customized custody agreements as everyone has different schedules and lives different lives. 


Cheating has been rampant throughout history with cheating taking different forms in today’s digital age. Dating apps are quite popular for people that want to cheat. Finding a dating app on your spouses phone means they are actively looking to have an affair. In the past, people had to meet people in person to spark any romantic connection. Now a person can just swipe on a dating app and have almost immediate contact. Some couples have gotten through infidelity but the betrayal of trust is too much for some couples to overcome. 


Physical abuse is the easiest form of abuse that you can spot as it is very direct. There are other types of mental abuse and separation from family that occurs frequently. Abusers usually try to isolate their spouse as others might see an unhealthy dynamic when they are around the couple. Verbal abuse is also quite prevalent especially in fights that lead up to a divorce. Take time to assess whether you are in an abusive relationship as you could be and not even realize it. 

Refusal To Get Help

Marriage counseling is always an option for most couples but there are cases where one party refuses to go. This could be because they know they have been treating their partner poorly or they simply do not care about the marriage anymore. There are times where counseling could have helped years earlier but now the relationship has deteriorated too much to fix. Working on a marriage is hard but it is important to keep that marriage healthy. 

Great marriages never end in divorce if this is something you are considering. You should be happy rather than putting up with someone that you might love but are not in love with.

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