Starting a Side Hustle to Combat the Recession

Are you feeling the impact of the economic downturn? Starting a side hustle can be a great way to increase your income and give you some financial security, even in times of recession. In addition, it’s a smart step to gain new skills that may make you even more valuable to employers should the worst-case scenario come true. Whether you’re looking for an extra cash flow or aiming to replace your full-time salary one day, doing some work on the side can be incredibly beneficial for your career, bank account, and personal development. Here are some areas to consider starting in!

Lash Technician 

A lash technician is a professional who specializes in the application of artificial eyelashes and eyelash extensions to enhance the natural beauty of their clients. Reuters declared that the global lash market is projected to grow even more in the coming years, and most people can cover their aesthetician school course fees after just four clients. Plus, you’ll have the flexibility and freedom to set your own hours and prices, giving yourself financial stability and job satisfaction. 

Interested, but don’t know where to start? Look into Lash Professional! With the flexibility of online classes and the hands-on guidance from live training, they offer six online lash and brow courses that can be completed in any location. The lash masters behind each course have years of experience in the industry, and their classes are designed to leave you feeling confident and ready to get out there and apply amazing lashes.


Reselling is a great way to make an additional income with relatively low risk. It’s easy to set up an online store or use platforms like eBay or Amazon to begin selling products and requires minimal capital investment. Reselling allows for increased margins since margin between buyers and sellers are typically higher than those of established brands.  In addition, you’re free to set your own schedule and level of commitment, depending on your income goals! If you’re thinking about getting into the reselling industry, be sure to do your research on digital tools that can assist you with sales, marketing, and any legal concerns. A fantastic new resource is Koloden, the world’s first reseller AI-powered platform for IP infringement. This power tool was designed to help resellers avoid catastrophic account sanctions, litigation, and liquidation, by monitoring and notifying if there is an infringement of protected trademarks or certain copyrighted works.


Bartending is becoming increasingly popular due to its flexible scheduling, high pay rates and the freedom to choose your own projects. For example, freelance bartending is a great way to make some extra cash while meeting people and having fun. It can be a flexible job since you don’t have to commit long-term, which is beneficial if you are wanting to travel or work around other commitments. Freelance bartending also provides an opportunity to learn more about beverages, practice social skills and customer service, as well as hone your creativity in creating signature drinks. If you’re looking to pick up an occasional shift, consider signing up for a platform like Qwick. where you can work in hospitality whenever you want. They specialize in helping freelancers find shifts that match their skills, whether it be bartending, catering, or front/back of house. They also advocate for living wages and give you the option to get paid fast (as soon as 30 minutes post-shift)! 

Freelance Consultant 

Consulting is a great way to make money while maintaining your freedom and flexibility. With freelance consulting, you are in control of how much work you want to take on and the hours you want to work—you get to pick your clients and your projects. 

Partnering with an agency for freelance consulting is a smart strategy, since they can provide access to a larger pool of talent, resources, and expertise, while also taking care of administrative tasks, such as paperwork, invoices, and contracts. Additionally, freelancers who partner with an agency are more likely to be seen as professionals and have access to better job opportunities. For example, Goldstreet Designs is actively looking to partner with professionals as a white label or named contractor with their clients. They help organizations increase customer readership, promote customer response, and enhance overall image by providing marketing solutions in the areas of video, print, illustration, social media, ad-buying, and more. 

It takes courage and dedication to launch your own side business during an economic downturn, but it can be done with the right strategy in place. With some careful planning and hard work, you can get started on your own side hustle and maximize your potential earnings!

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