Stay Fit While on the Road

Sure, it can be tough to stick to a workout regimen if your job takes you out of town, but there are plenty of ways to keep to your fitness routine while also breaking up the monotony of your “business” dealings—and releasing that business trip-induced tension.

Here are a few things you may want to pack so you can get your groove on, whether you’re staying at a 5-star hotel (with a 5-star gym) or your joint has a tiny, or worse, no gym:

  • Athletic shoes – Yep, you can’t do much in your dress shoes.
  • Exercise clothing – A comfy shirt and shorts will do the trick. Nothing fancy or bulky (think suitcase-efficient).
  • Jump rope – It takes up virtually no space, and a few minutes of jumping in your room can really get your heart rate up.
  • Resistance tubing – This is another fabulous exercise tool that takes up no space in your suitcase and can do so much. You can work out every muscle in your body with some simple sets that incorporate your travel bands.
  • Music and headphones – If you opt for the hotel gym, your tunes will help you stay on track and motivated through your workout.
  • Exercise video or DVD – Most business travelers carry a laptop, which makes it easy to do some floor routine or yoga DVDs in the hotel room.
  • Weightlifting gloves – These are easy to pack and very helpful if you choose to hit the gym.
  • Swimsuit – If your hotel has a pool, laps are a great workout for your body and mind.
  • Tennis racket – These may take up some space, but if you want to make your workout social, there’s nothing better than a tennis racket (or golf clubs).

(For a different type of travel workout, you might ask the hotel staff about renting a bicycle.)

Once you’re packed and safely at the airport, kill time (since we need to get there so dang early anyway) by getting some exercise, say my app designers team. Wear your walking shoes and store your carry-on bags in a locker (if available). Walk briskly through the terminal while waiting for your flight. Pump your arms to increase your heart rate. Light exercise before a flight will actually help you fly better by oxygenating your blood, relaxing you and helping with jet lag symptoms. During your flight, get up occasionally to stretch and walk.

If you’re traveling by train, walk through the cars every 30 to 60 minutes. Walk outdoors when the train stops to let passengers on and off. If you’re driving, take frequent breaks to get out and stretch. Even a short walk around a rest area can boost your mood and energy level.

No matter where you are going, or for how long, it’s easy to fit in fitness – keeping you healthy, balanced and sharp! And in the event of an accident of some kind, of course it would be important to get an automobile lawyer

Carolyn Scott is the executive producer, creator, host and writer of The Healthy Voyager brand, Her web series, radio show, site, blog and social network show you how to live, and travel, healthy & green.

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