All you need to know about anabolic Steroid Drugs

Getting into shape requires an individual to put in a lot of hard work. You need to eat well and spend several hours in the gym to chisel your body. However, anabolic steroids provide a shortcut to those who desire to attain their goals at a faster pace. These boost endurance, performance and also help in increasing muscle mass. 

Anabolic steroids are synthesized chemically. These are derivatives of testosterone which is a male hormone. This hormone is solely responsible for the development of secondary characteristics in males such as voice deepening and facial hair. It also results in muscle gains in the body. 

Length of a Steroid cycle 

Anabolic steroids help in improving athletic performance in an individual. However, these drugs can be risky and hence they have to be taken carefully. Usually, steroid drugs are taken in cycles. This could be for six to twelve weeks. Taking a break is essential after completing one cycle. 

Steroid cycles need to be adjusted based on the amount of muscle mass you want to gain in a specific period. There aren’t any specific guidelines available pertaining to cycle lengths. If you want to use these drugs safely by experiencing minimal negative effects, then you need to adhere to a cycle. For knowing more about it, you can check

While trying to identify the length of your cycle, you need to take your personal goals into consideration. Most of the cycles last from six to twelve weeks. The off-cycle then follows. If you are following an aggressive strategy, then you need to take them for six to eight weeks and go off-cycle for four weeks.  If your strategy isn’t aggressive, then you can do the same by going on and off.  

 A safe way is to go on steroids for eight weeks and off-cycle of eight weeks. There is another conservative approach followed. You go off-cycle twice as long as your on-cycle. For instance, if you go on them for six weeks, then you might have to abstain from them for twelve weeks.  

Stacking and pyramiding 

There are a few bodybuilders who practice stacking. This involves combining different kinds of steroid drugs along with other drugs for maximizing the effectiveness in a particular steroid cycle. 

Pyramiding involves increasing the dose to a certain value and then gradually lowering the amount during a steroid cycle. Many users believe that it gives the body adequate time to balance out the high dosage of anabolic steroids.  

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Kinds of anabolic steroids 

There are over 32 different kinds of anabolic steroids available in the market. Bodybuilders use them for a plethora of reasons. This includes cutting fat, boosting performance, endurance, strength and mostly for building muscles. Also, some of them boost metabolism in an individual.     

Two elementary forms of anabolic steroids are injectable and oral. Beginners usually rely on injectable steroids. Although oral steroids are easily available, these are not easier for the body to process. While injectable steroids skip the digestive system and are easier on the liver, oral ones do not last long in the body. This implies that you need to increase the dosage and frequency while using them. Nonetheless, injectable steroids are given more preference. 

You need to rely on quality products while opting for steroid drugs. You can find quality anabolic steroid drugs for sale only on specific platforms. Hence, make sure to double-check the authenticity of platforms before purchasing from them. 

It is a massive step to start with an injectable steroid. These are far gentler on your body in comparison to oral steroids. However, the route of administration is pretty complicated.

Oral anabolic steroid drugs vs injectable drugs  

Oral anabolic drugs are generally available in either a tablet or liquid form. These are pretty simple to use. All you need to do is take the pill and drink some water over it. However, it is vital to remember that these are tough on your liver. This is because that is where it is metabolized in the body. Those who to avoid painful injections prefer orals despite them not being effective.   

Injectable steroids can be injected within the body subcutaneously and intramuscularly. Most of the bodybuilders prefer injecting ones intramuscularly. The users have to rotate injection sites and give a gap of at least one to two weeks before returning to the same site again. This is not a hassle as there are over 34 such sites on the human body.     

One thing about using injectable steroids is that if the drug is not injected probably, then there could be side reactions. Also, it is essential to make sure that the injection used is not dirty. Else, you will increase your chances of contracting infections. Never share needles with others and wash your hands before injecting them.   

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Although injectable steroids seem complicated to use, these are effective and not harsh on the liver. You can also run your steroid cycles longer while using these. These are also long-acting. Click here to get in-depth information about anabolic steroids.

In summary 

Anabolic steroid drugs are immensely beneficial to individuals who want to increase their performance and build their muscles. There are different options available when it comes to these drugs. One is relying on orals and the other is to go for injectable drugs. Not everybody can bear to inject at different sites on their body. Moreover, the process is complicated. Orals aren’t effective. It is up to you to decide which method you need to opt for.  

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