Tap Into the Power of Joy to Empower Yourself Towards Success

Feeling like you have an energy deficiency in yourself can throw you into Life’s throwing a continuum of disappointments that are draining your self-worth and slowing down momentum. According to research, your productivity and performance depend on how much you are empowered.

If you are looking to lift your self-confidence and find a sense of purpose in your career or personal life,—self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-love are great avenues to explore new ways to boost your energy.  Start to dive into self-development. These pathways will help lift your spirit even when you feel everything is falling apart and find joy along your journey

Kelley Cunningham author of THE POWER OF JOY and a Transformation Life Coach. Kelly coaches people to shift their energy by establishing an alliance with themselves and creating a conscious awareness to add the element of joy to balance out their lives. In the process, individuals gain a more stable footing in any situation that tries to knock them down. Through the energy of joy, she has been able to encourage and guide many people back on track, making their lives more harmonious along the way

Be A Joy Seeker

Joy empowers you to believe in yourself and lifts you to live your life to the fullest on your terms not simply subject to circumstance. The life you deserve. Did you know that your energy can exhilarate or exhaust you? She has witnessed many people who have suffered stress, anxiety, depression due to a self-defeating mindset—it’s important to learn how to self-regulate your energy. Understanding how to shift your focus when self-defeating negative thoughts start to zap your energy—that can leave you feeling depleted and defeated. Inflate yourself back up by redirecting your personal energy to pivot towards a more positive perspective. Shift your focus—shift your future! 

Tips to combating a negative self-defeating narrative

Self Love: Remind yourself that you’re totally and completely lovable. Don’t let doubt or self-sabotage leave you surrendering as the victim. Reclaim control with positive self-talk and positive affirmations about your- self, and be victorious in your life.

The Reframe Game: Reframe and refocus energy onto what you have immediate control over. You can also create a quick list of immediate and achievable goals as a safety net for success. Write the list down, even if it’s just a reminder to be positive or to simply breathe deeply, and you’re more likely to remember it. Do whatever you can to gain the confidence you need to stay in control.

Stay Present:  Stay present at the moment. A present-moment mindset is a powerful tool to empower autonomy. Don’t dwell in the past or fret about the future. That wastes precious energy and doesn’t aid in finding a solution for any difficult circumstance. A present-moment mindset will help you recapture control in your life. Meditate at the moment to center yourself to moving forward towards your best possible direction. Light your path with positive affirmations and cheer yourself on!  Add moments of joy to energize you and give you the inner strength to combat your daily challenges. 

As the owner and Chief Joy Officer of JoyINC, She has learned to tap into the energy of joy. It helps strengthen my spirit, and she believes it will do the same to you. Grab a copy of my new book, The Power of Joy –The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Best Life Everto find more simple ways to create a more intimate relationship with joy.

Everyone Deserves Their Best Life Ever

Everyone deserves the opportunity to claim the “best life ever” status. This guide encourages you to embrace each day as a gift, even when life throws you unexpected curveballs. The practical tips and tools throughout this guide will map out the power of joy through inspirational and essential encouragement, lifting you to catch joy even during the most turbulent times. The power of joy softens the impact of unfair setbacks in life while cheering you on to achieve your best life ever. I truly believe that you deserve to be living your best life, and she will wholeheartedly back up her unquestionable truth by encouraging you with the infinite power of joy! Balance out your life and strengthen your spirit with the power of joy. 

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