The Ultimate Checklist For Moving Day

Moving is not an easy task as you may think. You need to plan, organize and also finding the perfect moving company. After setting the moving date, make sure you donate what you don’t need because some people will be so honored to receive what you are ready to give. Make sure everything is packed up to avoid the final minute rush. Remember that your new home is empty and probably more spacious than the old one.

For the whole process to be successful, you need to follow a list of what you are expected to do before you finally say goodbye. I have compiled a list that will guide your moving day. The tips are for people who have a tight schedule and would like to have a successful moving day. It will also enable you to fully protect your valuables with the best moving partners.

1. Wake up early

Waking up early is a must no matter the leaving time. You need to ensure that everything is in order. Even if everything has been packed, you will never miss some last-minute things to do. This will help you end the stress when the movers get to your house. Their timing will be very accurate and when things are in order, you may avoid unnecessary costs that might arise due to delays. You should also prepare a moving checklist so that you can easily check off items one by one as the move unfolds.

2. Ensure you pack last-minute items

The majority of movers who did not follow these instructions have found themselves forgetting very important items. There are always these last-minute items that we must be looking at. Remember that you did not remember to pack your diary and office items at night and you end up leaving them. People might get a chance to follow your privacy. Then you need to bath, it, therefore, means that there are bathroom items that must be left behind. Other last-minute items are kitchen utensils and other perishables. If the perishables can be affected by the duration, throw them out.

3. Sweep your house

You may not want to leave your house dirty. Therefore, make sure you do the cleaning. When going through the house by visiting every room, opening closets and storage spaces and even cabinets you may end up finding something that you could have forgotten. Also check the basement, driveway, attic and the guest house. Having a cleaning company like this Dallas House Cleaning Service, helps to make this a breeze, and open up your time for other things that need your attention.

4. Brief the movers with instructions

Your movers will be waiting for your call. Once they arrive, take them through your house. You will highlight to them the fragile boxes and also identify the furniture that needs to be taken apart. Even if the boxes are clearly labeled, just take them through what the boxes are carrying. Explain to them how you want them loaded instead of waiting for them to decide for themselves. Take care of them by providing them with clean water. They might sweat while moving from the apartment to the vehicle. Also, ensure that they have access to the bathroom. You should not assume anything because this might derail the process.

5. Stay around

When you are done talking to them regarding the loading, do go away. The movers might need something when moving from the house to the moving truck. Also, watch how things are being packed in the car. Yes, these guys are trained on how to handle everything but with your presence, they can do even better. That peace of mind is what you might need in the process. Guide them through the shortest path from the apartment to their truck.

6. Final sweeping

Visit the house as many times as possible. Make sure to repeat the same process as the previous one. This is usually done when everything has been moved to the van. Now you will get time to move the garbage out. You may also take your little time to clean the place before you move out. By the time you step out of the house, another person will be preparing to move in. He might need some repairs. In this, you can even contact a cleaning service company if time is running against you. There is a friend who will come in to assist. After you are done with everything, make sure to lock the door. You can now direct the moving van driver to your new home.

7. Move to your new home

Go to your packing and start driving to your new home. Keep in touch with your movers during this whole process. There might be traffic as usual in major cities and thus deciding to take a different route. Be patient. They might also pack somewhere to take lunch. It usually happens especially because of the tiring loading process. You need to remain in touch with them to ensure that they arrive safely.

And if there are pets in the picture, know that they will be transported separately because they have needs peculiar to pets alone, and can get unusually edgy on long trips. Further tip on how to get a moving company with additional pet transport services should lead you to Shiply.

8. Keep in touch with the movers by guiding them

You only have one duty. To guide the moving truck to your new home. The driver might be known in the area and you need to play your role. When they get to your new home, give them a brief introduction and a walk through. Show them where to put the boxes. During that time, make sure you have food and water for the movers. This will be a humble way of appreciating the good work.

9. Tip the movers

After all the process is done, tip the movers. This is usually optional but some people would like to recognize their hard work. The long day of reassembling furniture, lifting and also lugging may be so tiring. The driver should be given the tip to share with the other group members. This is very important but not a must thing to consider. Many movers would have delayed the process but when your housewares are delivered in hood time, you need to appreciate them for the good work.

10. Unpack the essentials

When movers are done, they will leave the items inboxes. You need to select the essentials first. You must bathe, cook and brush teeth. Make sure you unpack them. Also, unpack your next day’s outfit. A soap, kitchen items, fast wash are likely to be the most important at the time.

11. Hang up your curtains

Despite having a long day, you need some privacy. Ensure your unpack where your curtains are so that you can hang them. Most doors and windows are made of glass and thus you might need to hang them to avoid sharing a lot of privacy issues at night. It will also be good for beefing up your security. It will also prevent morning light from waking you up earlier than you are used to. The next process is for the upcoming days when you will be required to unpack everything and return to your normal luxurious life.

12. Relax

Your day was long and tiresome. It is time to relax and you can decide to relax with a book. If it’s not near, just walk around your new area to get some fresh air. Familiarize yourself with the atmosphere and probably a neighbor. Alert them that you are now part of their community. By doing that, they will share the few things you might not know about the area.

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