The Ultimate Wedding Hair and Makeup Timeline: When to Start Preparing

Your big day is coming! You’ve spent so much time planning the decor, flowers, clothing, and guest list. You have put your heart into the whole thing. Now, it’s time to start putting together your day of timeline. If you rush things and you don’t plan out enough time to get ready, then everything from the ceremony to pictures to the reception can be pushed back. You certainly don’t want to rush how you look on your big day either. So, to make your own panning easier, here’s your ultimate timeline for doing your hair and makeup.


Before You Arrive at the Venue

First thing that day, before you even arrive at the venue, make sure to do some preparations. Your face should be clean, moisturized, and makeup-free. Your hair should be clean, free of any products, and brushed. Preferably you should have been washed the day before not the morning of. This is especially true if you are planning an updo of any type.


Know Your Time Allotments

Likely the same person or team doing your hair will also be doing the hair of your bridesmaids and this is true also of makeup. Often, the bride is the last to get ready so that your makeup and hair look as fresh as possible. So how much time will all of this take?


Hair and makeup for bridesmaids will take around half an hour for each. For the bride, hair and makeup will take up to an hour and a half each. This means if one person is doing the makeup for everyone and you have three bridesmaids, then makeup would take three hours or so. When you are choosing your vendors, make sure you discuss with them when they can arrive and the timelines they will need.


Don’t Be Too Strict With Your Schedule

If you try to plan everything down to the second, it likely will not work and you will find yourself even more stressed out on the big day. That’s the last thing you need! While you do want a solid timeline, you still also have to be flexible for changes that may come along the way, like a late bridesmaid, missing eye shadow, etc.


Choose the Right Stylists

Here’s a few things to think of when you meet with different stylists. Will they be able to work within your timeline? Will there be more than one person available to style you and your bridesmaids? What type of hairstyle do you wish to have and can that stylist provide it? Can they do the makeup looks that you want? Choosing the right stylist is vital to ensuring your timeline goes smoothly.


Your wedding timeline does not have to be stressful. The tips below can help you build your own schedule. Just be sure to consider how long hair and makeup will take for each person, how many stylists will be available, and the time you need for your own look. Arrive on time or early and plan for flexibility in your schedule so your day can go well.

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