15 Top Locations in Atlanta for Your Engagement Photoshoot

engagement photo locations

Before tying the knot, there are numerous essential preparations for the big day, and the engagement session stands out as one of the most delightful aspects. This is an opportunity to cherish precious moments with your future spouse and immortalize this brief, magical engagement period. Once you’ve selected your wedding photographer, one of the initial tasks in capturing engagement photos is choosing the perfect setting. Atlanta offers a plethora of stunning locations ideal for engagement and wedding photography. The city’s charm extends throughout the year, making it an excellent choice for capturing beautiful engagement photos. Let’s explore 15 of the finest locations within Atlanta’s city boundaries for your engagement photoshoot, in no particular order.

  • Piedmont Park – Piedmont Park, nestled in the heart of Atlanta, is a vast green space spanning over 200 acres and is a popular destination for more than 6 million visitors who attend various events throughout the year. This park offers a harmonious blend of urban and natural settings, making it an ideal photographic backdrop. To avoid the weekend crowds of photo enthusiasts and the general public, consider planning your visit on a weekday.
  • Ponce City Market – Ponce City Market provides an all-day entertainment experience featuring a food hall, diverse shops, an amusement park, and various restaurants. Located along the famous Beltline, this destination seamlessly integrates into Atlanta’s vibrant culture. You can also easily access the Beltline from Ponce City Market, where you can explore colorful murals, take a scooter ride, or savor a delicious popsicle.
  • Atlanta Botanical Garden – Sprawling across 30 acres, the Botanical Garden offers a stunning array of flora wonders and captivating art installations. Take some time as a couple to explore the gardens, contemplate it as a potential wedding venue, and then arrange your photoshoot. Conclude your visit with a meal at either Longleaf restaurant or the Quick CafĂ©. Remember that the Atlanta Botanical Garden requires reservations for photo sessions, with a two-hour fee of $500 for groups of up to 10 people. Additional charges apply for larger groups or extended session times. Make sure to confirm your session at least two weeks in advance.
  • Millennium Gate Museum – Following the classical Roman tradition of triumphal arches, the Millennium Gate Museum presents an exceptional setting for engagement and wedding photography, conveniently situated at the heart of Atlanta. For those seeking a romantic, distinctive, and picturesque backdrop, the Millennium Gate Museum is the ideal venue. Rates are $100 per hour, with a minimum booking duration of two hours. To inquire about reservations and availability, please visit the museum’s website.
  • Oakland Cemetery – Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta’s oldest public park, boasts vibrant greenery, ancient oaks, magnolia trees, intriguing architecture, and rich historical significance. While it might be a gothic couple’s dream locale for engagement or wedding photos, it equally appeals to any couple searching for a distinctive photography setting accentuated by its charming architecture and captivating gardens.
  • Candler Park – Steeped in history dating back to the 1800s, the Candler Park neighborhood is teeming with character, characterized by mature trees and distinctive architectural elements offering striking and more traditional photography backdrops. Capture your moments in the whimsical and historically imbued downtown, featuring brick buildings painted in vibrant hues; use the park’s venerable trees for a touch of natural beauty, and explore the neighborhood for unique photographic settings. Check with DeKalb County regarding necessary permits for photo shoots in the gardens.
  • Fox Theatre – The splendid Fox Theatre is a meticulously restored movie palace, now cherished as a cultural treasure. As a National Historic Landmark, Fox Theatre Atlanta hosts over 750,000 visitors annually, with a roster of more than 300 performances and events. Its iconic marquee and intricate architecture are perennial favorites for traditional photographs. Additionally, the theater provides private rental options for weddings and engagement celebrations.
  • Truist Park – For those passionate about baseball, or if a Braves game holds special memories from one of your early dates, consider commemorating this shared love with a relaxed and enjoyable engagement session at Truist Park. You can invite your photographer to capture the game experience with you or explore Truist Park and The Battery during daylight hours for a sporty yet romantic session. To arrange a session, contact Truist’s special events department.
  • High Museum of Art – Art enthusiasts may find the grounds of The Woodruff Arts Center and the High Museum of Art an ideal backdrop for their unique event photos. The contemporary buildings and green spaces offer distinctive engagement and wedding photography settings. Please note that specific guidelines, reservations, and associated fees are necessary for interior sessions. You can find more information about these particulars on their website.
  • Skyline Park – For a delightful and whimsical engagement photoshoot, you might want to contemplate a visit to Skyline Park, situated atop Ponce City Market. Alongside breathtaking skyline views, Skyline Park boasts carnival-style games and vintage amusements, adding a playful element to your photos. To arrange your photo session, coordinate with the events team at The Roof.
  • The Works – The Works, housed within one of Atlanta’s historic industrial structures, is a food hall and retail space. Combining contemporary design with these old towers’ rustic, industrial features, The Works offers an array of settings perfect for exceptional event photography. After your photo shoot, you can extend your stay to dine, shop, and enjoy the entertainment. Contact the property manager to request written authorization for on-site photography.
  • Downtown Decatur – Nestled right amid Downtown Atlanta and the Stone Mountains, Downtown Decatur is a charming town square ideal for a candid and artistic engagement photoshoot. Depending on the timing, you might encounter blossoming trees along the way. What truly sets this location apart are the walls of the town square, which significantly contribute to its overall aesthetic. The vibrant graffiti and murals or the exposed brick walls serve as perfect canvases for you to personalize, with your engagement photographer capturing the moments.
  • Cator Woolford Gardens – The wild beauty of the surroundings forms a striking contrast with the discreet elegance of the grand, curving marble staircase, offering numerous opportunities for stunning photographs. Situated just a short distance from downtown Atlanta, this engagement location remains one of the city’s best-kept secrets, seamlessly blending the elements of history and nature.
  • Chattahoochee Coffee Company, Riverside – Nestled just off 285 and discreetly situated within an apartment complex, this riverside spot is genuinely Atlanta’s hidden gem. To access these charming riverside gardens, it’s essential to plan your visit for a weekday and drop by the coffee shop nearby to appreciate their excellent small business and gain access.
  • Westside Provisions – Westside Provisions is the perfect choice if you have an affinity for the city and desire a more contemporary and urban ambiance. The bonus is the presence of Jeni’s Ice Cream nearby, fulfilling all your sweet-tooth desires. This location is at its finest in the morning, with fewer crowds and beautiful lighting, creating a winning combination.


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