Tips for the Busy Career Woman: Stay Ahead of the Game

If you are a female entrepreneur, you already know how much effort it takes to remain at your best while trying to run your business, and if you are a family woman then you move up to superwoman status. The secret to efficiency is organisation, with some delegation thrown in, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to help you become more efficient.

  • Appearance – Of course, it is vital that we look good, and with a weekly visit to the hi-end salon, Zucci Hairdressing at one of their 5 Melbourne salons is all you need to keep your style. Assuming you have your mobile make-up bag that contains all the necessaries, and let’s not forget oral hygiene, with some antiseptic mouthwash, for those close encounters.
  • VoIP Communication – If you would like to kill your phone bill, make all forms of communication via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), using apps such as Line, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom and even Facebook, when you can enjoy video conferencing. Your Internet package needs to have a high bandwidth if you are to get the best from VoIP communications, but it will bring your phone bill down to next to nothing.
  • Mobile Apps – If you are not taking advantage of the many apps designed for digital entrepreneurs, this has to change, and there are apps for your daily schedule, complete with notifications that can be configured. This ensures you never miss anything and it’s a bit like having your own PA, who never ever makes a mistake. Take a look at Play Store, where you will find a diverse range of apps to help you monitor your health and plan your business day. While on the subject of apps, here are a few tech gadgets to keep you safe at home. You can also play online games!
  • Limit Travel – This is important during the pandemic, and with virtual communications, there’s really no need for face-to-face meetings, and think of the travel time you’ll be saving (it’s impossible to work in a moving vehicle, especially if you’re driving). Limit visits to the weekly hairdressing appointment and the Sunday spa, and everything else can be done with VoIP.
  • Use the Cloud – If all your critical business data is on your laptop, what would happen if the HDD exploded? For a few dollars a month, you can have your own private cloud network, allowing you to access your data from any location, using any digital device. Create an ‘accounting’ folder and keep all business transactions in there, then your accountant can easily access whenever it is time to prepare your quarterly returns.
  • Meditation – You’re probably thinking you don’t have the time to sit down and meditate, yet 15 minutes in the early morning will clear your head and prepare you for the coming day. Light an incense stick after that first coffee and enjoy the moment, listening to the birds sing and practice focusing on your breathing, and you will find a calmer you hiding under than anxious exterior. Click here for government guidance on mental health issues, which is informative.

It’s tough out there for a career woman, and we hope these tips will help you manage your day a little more efficiently.

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